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Taiwan Sculptor Zhu Ming Explore the World of Taiji With Chisel
Taiji, or Taiji Boxing was originally a useful form of combat developed for the sake of self-defense and exercise, which also embodied the principles of Daoism. In more recent times, this same Taiji boxing would become the subject matter of famous Taiwan sculptor Zhu Ming, who holds his debut mainland exhibition in Beijing this month.
• Guo Degang°™Savior of Crosstalk?
Crosstalk, a Chinese form of stand-up comedy performed by a two-person team, is a popular form of folk entertainment that has been enjoyed in China for almost a century.
• CPPCC Members Discusses Cultural Issues
The annual session of China's top advisory body the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, or CPPCC, has now been in progress for over a week.
• Beijing's Time-honored Shops Strive for Survival
Due to over-crowding, the Qianmen shopping area's Langfang Ertiao lane is slated to undergo renovation.
• 2nd Australian Film Festival
The 2nd Australian Film Festival features ten top recent Australian films featuring leading Australian actors across a wide range of genre.
• Movie Director Zhang Yang
While veteran Chinese directors such as Zhang Yimou go the way of the big box office, with hugely successful martial arts epics, younger directors are making smaller, more artistic waves at international movie festivals.
• Dream of a Century
Altogether, four sections were presented, featuring scores and soundtracks from the films of four different ages. Our reporter Xiao Hua takes us back over the century to hear the golden oldies which accompanied the silver screen.
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