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Feng Jicai--Savior of Chinese Folk Culture
During our previous programs, we have briefed you on some of the achievements China has made in the preservation of national folk culture heritage.
• Director Pushes Boundaries of Modern Arts
Meng Jinghui, arguably the most influential director of China's avant-garde stage, has returned to experimenting in small theatre with a new show, which debuts tonight at the Oriental Experimental Theatre in Beijing. กก
• Funeral Dance of the Tujia People
Funeral dance is a special custom for the Tujia Ethnic Group, but the average person without any background knowledge will find the concept unimaginable.
• Thai Princess Experiences Original Chinese Ethnic Culture
Visiting Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on Sunday visited a village of the Zhuang ethnic minority in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and was given a first-hand introduction to their culture.
• Requiem
Although the name of Hanoch Levin is not familiar to the Chinese population as a whole, large swathes nonetheless embraced this Israeli playwright's work over the past week.
• Xiao Xianhua and the Yellow River
In the the year 2000, thirty year old a young scholar named Xiao Xianhe has embarked on a quest to retour of rediscover of the Yellow River's anciente roots of Chinese civilization, and has so far spend six years exploring its banks and nearby regions.
• Cross-Straits Experts Discuss Ethnic Culture Protection
Nearly 40 scholars across the Taiwan Straits gathered at a workshop in Beijing Monday to discuss the conservation and development of cross-Strait ethnic minority cultures.
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