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French Opera Carmen Stages in HK
Bizet's famous opera Carmen was staged in Hong Kong on Thursday night as the most important part of the ongoing "le French May" cultural festival.
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• Four Million Chinese Teachers for Foreign Students
China's Ministry of Education warned Monday that there are now less than one percent of the five million professional Chinese-as-a-second-language teachers that are expected to be needed over the next five years.  
• Angolan Wins Top Lusophone Literature Prize
Portuguese-born Angolan author Luandino Vieira was awarded the Lusophone world's top literary prize, according to a report of Portuguese News Agency LUSA reaching here on Monday.   
• Director Pushes Boundaries of Modern Arts
Meng Jinghui, arguably the most influential director of China's avant-garde stage, has returned to experimenting in small theatre with a new show, which debuts tonight at the Oriental Experimental Theatre in Beijing.  
• Event: Borges and The Literature of Latin America
• China's Vocational Education Yet to Meet Demand: Expert
Only 32.9 percent of workers in China's urban areas have received vocational education, which shows the country's vocational education is still far from meeting the need for overall development, an expert said over the weekend.   
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