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Brits Commemorate Shakespeare's Birthday
The tomb of William Shakespeare is flooded with flowers in Stratford, Warwickshire in Britain on April 22, 2006.
• Angolan Wins Top Lusophone Literature Prize
Portuguese-born Angolan author Luandino Vieira was awarded the Lusophone world's top literary prize, according to a report of Portuguese News Agency LUSA reaching here on Monday. กกกก
• Event: Borges and The Literature of Latin America
• More Chinese Prefer Electronic Reading
Electronic books, e-bookstores and digital libraries are becoming more popular in China.
• Chinese Encouraged to Read More Books
A government campaign to get more Chinese reading books appears to be paying off for bookstores all over the country reporting increased sales. กก
• Bill Clinton to Write New Book on Public
After writing an autobiography that sold millions of copies and earned him a hefty advance, former     President Clinton has struck a deal to write another book.
• Poems from Leading Contemporary Woman Poet Shu Ting

The Misty School of poetry proved to be one of China's most controversial literary phenomenon during the 1980s.

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