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Panjianyuan Flea Market
Dubbed as the largest secondhand marktet in Asia, the Panjiayuan Flea Market is a must-go place of Beijing, following the Great Wall and Beijing Duck Restaurant.
Twin Towers in Shanghai to Open in 2005 
Men's Magazine Maxim to Debut in China 
Hong Kong to Enrol Postgraudates from Mainland 
China's Largest Inland Container Port Goes into Operation 
52 Groups Permitted to Raise Funds in Hong Kong 
Center for Children to Be Built in Guangzhou 
40,000 Children in Beijing Suffer from Diabetes 
Guangzhou Introduces Online Lawsuits 
World Carnival Comes to Beijing for the First Time 
cookingThe meat is tender and delicious. 
Chinese July 7th of the Lunar Calendar is Chinese 'Valentine's Day'. 
Three Not Sticks
Three Not Sticks, a name may sound too strange to be a food, is actually, a kind of delicious dessert popular in north China.
Everyone's Cup of Tea? 
Hong Kong-style tea cafes first appeared in the 1930s in Hongkong. Now they can be found in almost all the large cities in China. Beijing, of course, has no exception.
Fit for an Emperor 
Great food is one of the things people most like about Beijing. But have you ever wondered how Chinese emperors ate in this ancient capital city? There's an easy - if slightly expensive - way to find out.
killers in the kitchen
Busy housewives who enjoy cooking for their families would never dream that their work in the kitchen was putting them at risk of dying from lung cancer.
Woman Tractor Driver Breaks New G roundThis is a RMB one-yuan note issued in 1960. The woman in the picture is Liang Jun, China's first woman tractor driver. Now, the 73-year-old lady is ready to share with us some of her old memories. 
Foreign Experts Receive Chinese Science, Technology Award 
Recently, four foreign experts from American, Germany, Japan and Italy have received scientific awards from the Chinese government.
The Need to Read--Libraries in Shanghai 
As China's most dynamic city, Shanghai is better off in its public library system than any other city or region in China. However, compared to its counterparts abroad, the city's libraries seem still not enough.