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There's no better time than a brisk winter's day, to curl up with a good book. So it comes as no surprise that the New Year's holiday is seeing a craze in book sales. กก
Audience Pay Last Respect to Noted Crosstalk Artist Ma Ji
Ma Ji died of heart failure at age of 72.
The Puttermesser Papers
For anyone who loves contemporary Jewish American literature, Cynthia Ozick stands out from the pack.
• Famous Scholar Yu Qiuyu
• Government Project To Bridge the Cultural Gap Between City and Countryside
• Chinese Literature Flourishes Over Past Decades
• A Chaste Woman
• Brothers Grimm's Pied Piper Is In Town
• Eighteen Springs
Year of Pig Stamps Go on Sale
THE Shanghai Post Bureau will begin selling "Year of the Pig" stamps early this morning at 98 post offices around the city.
• Modern Ukrainian Art Show
Ukrainian paintings, including some with Oriental and Chinese subjects, are on display at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. Subjects include snowy landscapes, portraits and imperial gatherings.
• Artist Paints on Porcelain And Fires Masterpieces
Shen Jialiang was sent down to the countryside where he learned to make porcelain. He returned to Shanghai and learned to paint. Now he paints on porcelain, fires up his kiln and finally withdraws his "babies". กก
• Chinese Monks on Pilgrimage to India
A 127-strong group of Buddhist monks began a pilgrimage to India on Thursday to cleanse their souls.
• Origins of Shanghai Lie in Tang
Shanghai began its life as Huating County, established in 751 during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) in today's Songjiang District. It became Shanghai County in 1292.
• Race against Time to Dig into City's History
When a new construction project breaks ground in Shanghai, most project owners can't tell whether any ancient tombs or other cultural relics are buried underneath.
• Gold and Silver USB Drives for Sale
A special set of USB drives are now for sale in Beijing, including two USB drives made of gold and silver respectively.
• Language, Culture Popularized with More Confucius Institutes
Every three days a Confucius institute was founded in a foreign country over the past year, which was out of the expectation of Xu Lin, senior official in charge of Chinese teaching overseas.
• China Produces 81,000 Minutes of Cartoons in 2006
China's cartoon industry produced more than 81,000 minutes of animation this year, almost double last year's 42,700 minutes, said an official with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) at a meeting to mark the 80th anniversary of China's cartoon production.
• Muslims across China Celebrate Festival of Sacrifice
Muslims across China are celebrating the Eid-al-Adha festival, or the Festival of Sacrifice, before the dawn of the New Year on Sunday.
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Are You a Planner?
Do you have a plan when implementing your goals? How much preparation is devoted to make sure things go right? Or maybe you never plan and just let things develop by their own. Tell us your way of doing things, to plan carefully or go with the flow? [Chinadrive]
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