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Xiang Zhuang Wu Jian, Yi Zai Pei Gong
Idioms and Their Stories: Xiang Zhuang performs the sword dance with the hidden intention of killing Liu Bang -- Act with a hidden motive, Cooking show, Folktales: Hailibu the Hunter
• Men Ting Ruo Shi
Idioms and Their Stories: Men Ting Ruo Shi, Opera House, Folktales ...
• Ya Miao Zhu Zhang
Idioms and Their Stories:Ya Miao Zhu Zhang, Shou Zhu Dai Tu, Cooking show...
• Hua She Tian Zu
Idioms and Their Stories: Draw a snake and add feet to it -- Ruin the effect by adding something superfluous, Opera House
• Zai Zuo Feng Fu
Idioms and Their Stories: Be Feng Fu (the hunter) again, Cooking: Double-eat Buddhist-belly Prawn, Folktales: Bao Zheng...
• Sai Weng Shi Ma
Idioms and Their Stories: The old man on the frontier lost his horse - Every cloud has a silver lining, Opera House...It's your chance to become a Chinese expert ĘC Chinese culture, food, music andstyle ĘC all in the next 25 minutes.
• Qi Lu Wang Yang
Idioms and Their Stories: Sheep will easily get lost when there are too many forked roads - One who seeks truth is apt to get lost when confronted with too many choices, Cooking...
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The Year of Italy in China
Spring Festival 2006
Literary Legend Ba Jin
Beijing Int'l Drama Festival
French Culture Year in China
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