President Expects Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Prosper China's West
Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged local officials to get hold of the opportunities brought by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to bolster the prosperity and ethnic unity in the country's west areas.  
• I Met a Surprise on the Way to Golmud
• Buddha-Painting Unfolding Festival Underway in Tibet
• Trains Carry over 2,500 People to Tibet in 3 Days
• Passengers Prepare for Journey of a Lifetime
• First Train Leaves Chongqing for Tibet
• Passenger Train to Lhasa Ends Maiden Run
The first passenger train from Beijing, carrying some 800 passengers, arrived in the Lhasa Railway Station, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region Monday night.
World Records of the Railway
The Qinghai-Tibet Railway boasts a number of the world's "mosts": Firstly, it is the world's highest railway. Some 960 kilometers of its tracks are located 4,000 meters above sea level and the highest point is 5,072 meters.
Protect the Tibet Antelope
The railway runs through Kekexili nature reserve, which is the home of the Tibetan antelope.
It's a miracle!
The altitude the railway runs along creates a harsh environment.
Facts on Environmental Protection
1.54 billion yuan has been spent on protecting the vulnerable environment and the rare species that live there.
Notes Regarding Train Schedule, Tickets
Tickets for the Qinghai-Tibet railway have been on sale since June 28th.
Tips on Travel to Lhasa
August to early October is the best time to travel to Tibet, while April through July are also good months.
Facts on Lhasa
Lhasa, the beautiful capital city of Tibet, is situated in the South Central part of the region.
Facts on Tibet
The word 'Tibet' is said to have originated in the Sanskrit word Trivistapa, which means Heaven.
v Accessible but still Pristine
v Lofty Ambitions for Highest Railway
v World's Highest Railway Stirs National Pride
Tibet's Celebrations Tibet Diary
The Tibet Plateau environment is so fragile that the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is taking on volunteers to educate passengers and staff about maintaining the pristine environment and not tossing out their rubbish.
v Booming Tourism in Tibet Not to Affect Environment Much
v Qinghai-Tibet Railway Builds Harmonious Link between Wildlife, Human
v Qinghai-Tibet Railway Builds Harmonious Link between Wildlife, Human
v Train to Tibet Passes China's Largest Uninhabited Land, Home to Tibetan Antelopes
v Funds for Tibet Railway Environmental Projects Well Spent
The new Qinghai-Tibet Railway line the highest on earth will endure the harsh conditions along the "Roof of the World" thanks to new technology and constant monitoring.
v High-Tech Features First Tibetan Railway
v China Overcomes Obstacles to Build Most Elevated Railway
v China's Altiplano Trains Equipped with GE Locomotives
v China Overcomes Obstacles to Build Most Elevated Railway
v Railway to Transport 4,000 Tourists to Tibet Each Day
As the Qinghai-Tibet railway gets set to launch its maiden run on July 1, not only is national pride on the rise but continuing analysis of the practical benefits show the region is likely to experience an economic boom.
v Railway Makes Room for Tibetan Culture
v Potala Palace Allows More Visitors to Meet Railway Tourists Influx
v Over 1,000 Journalists Flood in to Cover Qinghai-Tibet Railway
v China Plans Tourism Routes Along Qinghai-Tibet Railway
v Commemorating Coins Issued for Tibetan railway
Most of the local people living in Golmud come from other provinces. This is an immigrant city.
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v Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Good Operation
v Hu Jintao Calls for Top Notch Railway Management
v First Railway Tourists Bound for Tibet
v Residents of Lhasa Go for Qinghai-Tibet Railway Tickets
v Tibetans in Beijing
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Construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway
1984 Xining-Golmud section begins operation

Jun 29, 2001 Construction of the Golmud-Lhasa section begins

Oct 15, 2005 Track laying for remainder of railway completed

Jul 1, 2006 Entire line scheduled to start trial operations

Jul1, 2007 Entire line scheduled to be officially fully operational

 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Scenery
 Tibetan Culture
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