Tibet Autonomous Region is located at the Southwest part of China, with a land area of 1.22 million square kilometers and a population of 2.3 million, of which 95% are Tibetan nationality.
Tibet Through the Eyes of the World
nternational journalists were among the first to travel to Tibet after the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was launched in July. They hail from many different countries but English is the common language they used to record their impressions of the roof of the world. Read on to see the region through foreign eyes.
Lost Horizon, Found

By Shobori Ganguli, The Pioneer, India

China's Tibet today, amid widespread modernisation, is certainly no romantic Shangri La. What it is, is a gripping documentary of an Asian country's unrelenting effort to get up and be counted among the league of developed nations.
• China for More Trade through Nathu La
• On Top of the World
• Tibet Train Leads to Nathu-La buzz
• Inside the Marvel, to the World's Roof
• On the Tibet-Sichuan Highway
• Tibet Wants Rail, Road Links with India
   Portraits of Tibet
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Tibet Highlight
Tibet plans to start building a branch line for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway this year, which will link the region's capital Lhasa with Xigaze, a major Tibetan city some 280 kilometers to its southwest.
Tibet to Subsidize 230,000 Low-income People
More than 230,000 farmers and herdsmen in Tibet with an income of less than 800 yuan (100 U.S. dollars) a year will receive subsidies in 2007, according to local authorities.
• Tibet Posts Double-digit Economic Growth for 6 Years
• Qinghai-Tibet Railway Transporting 1.18 Mln People
• Tibet's GDP Growth Breaks Records
• 1st Luxury Train to Run on Qinghai-Tibet Railway
• Tibet Innovates to Eradicate Poverty
• Tibet to Elect 26 Deputies to 17th CPC National Congress
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