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2008 marks the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, which has brought about huge changes to the country. Please share your views and thoughts with us about the changing China.
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  Trip to Huaxi  

Huaxi Village in Jiangyin, east China's Jiangsu Province, is a model village in working for common prosperity under socialism and building a new socialist countryside.
  In Foreigners' Eyes  
Nakano Wish to Film China's 30 Years of Reform
"I will produce a movie depicting the great changes in China over the past 30 years," said Ryoko Nakano in an exclusive interview with Xinhua.
  Join in  
• The Socialist Market Economy
• The Development of Private Economy
• Rural Reform
• Major Events in China's Reform and Opening up

  Emancipation of Mindset  
• 17th CPC National Congress
• Deng's Speeches during His China's South Tour
• The Discussion on the Truth Standard

  • Hot Terms in China's Reform
  • Four Cardinal Principles
  • Gang of Four
  • The "Two Whatevers" Policy
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    • Time is Money, Efficiency is Life
    • Seize the Opportunity, and Try Bold Experiments and Fight Our Way Out
    • Development is Our Absolute Principle
    • We, Chinese People, Always Mean What We Have Said
  • 2008-10-01 Sports
  • National Day Special: Lu Yanyao's Olympics
  • National Day Special - Olympic Heroes behind the Scene
  • 2008-09-30 Sports
  • 2008-09-29 Sports
  • 2008-08-25 The End of the Olympics
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  • Yangkou Port to Reshape the Economic Structure
  • Yangzhou Residents Highly Satisfied with City Life
  • A Family Witnessed Shenzhen's Development
  • Animations and Cartoon Industry Booming in Reform
  • Reform, Opening Bring about Freedom to China
  • 'Education for All' Effort Fruitful in 30 Years
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      Top Talk  
    China's Credit Industry
    It wasn't until about a decade or so ago that the idea of establishing a line of credit through the banks really began to take off in China.
      Video Retrospect  
    Dramas Presenting Opening-up
    Some artists are working to celebrate the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up in their own way.
  • Chinese Leader Urges Private Sector to Contribute More in Economic Development
  • Express Delivery Benefits from Opening-up Policy
  • CNOOC Sets up New Energy Base in Tianjin
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    Interviews at the World Economic Forum
    Many Chinese enterprises have been invited to attend the forum and give speeches to global audiences.
      Invest in China  
  • Regulators Seek Foreign Investment Details
  • China Further Foreign Investments Management
  • China's Actual Use of Foreign Investment up 40 Pct
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    Foreign Companies in China
    Express Delivery Benefits from Opening-up Policy
    A FedEx Express cargo plane berths at a local airport.
  • Former Vice Premier Li Publishes Book on China's Opening-up Drive
  • A Family Witnessed Shenzhen's Development
  • Animations and Cartoon Industry Booming in Reform
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    Images and Memories- The Story of Television
    We are going to take you back in time to review the story of Chinese television. The flickering images will guide us through time and space and to remember the bygone days over the past 30 years.
      30 Years of Shenzhen  
    The 30 Years of Shenzhen
    Shenzhen, the mere fishing village 30 years ago has developped into a metropolitan city of 11 million with the highest average annual income in China.
    2008 International Logistics Fair in Shenzhen
    This is the third year that the International Logistics Fair has chosen Shenzhen as its host city. This year the fair has attracted 216 domestic based logistic companies as well as representatives from 20 countries.
    Shenzhen Contrast: Same Place Twenty Years Later
    Shenzhen Contrast: Same Place Twenty Years Later
    Voice Out  
  • China Exclusive: 30 Years on - after China's 'Hard Day's Night' Nation No Longer A Forbidden Place for Foreigners
  • China's Reform, Opening up Benefits World: Panasonic Chief
  • Reform and Opening up Hailed at Boao Forum
  • People's Daily Commentary Hails New Drive on Govn't Reform
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      Economic Indicator Sheet  
  • Government Revenue and Expenditure
  • GDP in the Past Three Decades
  • Per Capita Gross Domestic Product
  •   Milestone  
    China to Build Inland Station in Antarctica
    China's annual expedition to Antarctica has left Shanghai to begin its six-month mission. Scientists will build China's first inland expedition station in Antarctica.
    CPC Session Focusing on Rural Development Ends
    BEIJING, Oct. 13 -- A key party session concluded in Beijing on Sunday. It focused on the issue of agriculture and rural development.
      Expert Forum  
    2008-10-06 China's contemporary art scene
    When one thinks of art from China, a number of things jump to mind, including ancient Ming Dynasty vases, Peking Opera, paper cutting, calligraphy and so on.
      Changes in Life  
    Time to Have Fun
    Students feel relaxed after they finish the two-day national college entrance exams, or Gaokao.
    30 Years of Change in Images
    A three-storey photo studio seems a little lonely against the tall buildings and spacious mansions on the Shangzhi downtown street.
      Showbiz & Arts  
    Chinese Popular Music of 30 years (I)
    Over the past three decades, popular music in China struggled for popularity as Chinese society went through the tremendous changes brought about by the reform and opening-up policy.
    1978 - 2008 Pop Music: From Scratch to Boom
    The past 30 years witnessed the development of mainland pop music. Let's take a look back on it's changes from 1978 to 2008.
      Science & Sports
    Three Gorges Project
    The country's largest hydropower project has generated more than 150 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity since it became operational in 2003.
    Qinghai-Tibet Railway
    The first train from Lhasa Railway Station in Tibet Autonomous Region leaves the platform heading for Lanzhou in Gansu Province July 1, 2006.