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What does China mean to you? It's land, population, history, or culture. The list may go on and on. Life Upclose, a weekly radio feature program, navigates this fascinating country. Here we share with you the dynamic, modern, traditional, and diverse real life stories of the common Chinese. Stay with Life Upclose, stay with China.

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China Domestic Cartoon and Animation Products Gain Fans
China's locally-produced comics or "Guoman" in Chinese have seen a rapid rise in popularity thanks to the internet and efforts in creating derivative products of classical cartoon characters. To capitalize further on the domestic market, Chinese animation companies have also been exploring other ways to grow themselves.
China Speeds up Afforestation to Build Beautiful Country
Amid a national drive of environmental protection, many regions in China have been speeding up tree-planting efforts: new forest farms and parks are being built near cities; and inside them, more trees and green spaces are being developed. Even more importantly, better management of the forests is being encouraged and more benign economic development is being stressed.
Willy Tsao--"Founding Father of Modern Dance in China"
China and its rich cultural relics are territories into which the art of modern dance has been reaching its tentacles and in return drawing artistic inspiration. Willy Tsao, an artist born in Hong Kong, has played a monumental role in this process and is widely believed to be "the founding father of modern dance in China."
Skilled Jobs in Catering Hotcakes for Migrant Workers
Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are getting back to work as the annual celebrations of the Spring Festival come to an end. As usual, many of them are flocking to big, affluent cities in the hope of finding a better job. Against the backdrop of a slowing economy, the job market is becoming increasingly competitive for both migrant workers and college graduates.
Fun and Reunion: China Celebrates Spring Festival of 2017
The annual celebrations of the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, are now underway all across the vast land of China. Mass-scale travelling, family reunions, and temple fairs are the routines of a week-long Spring Festival holiday year after year.
Oasis of Leisure and Rest: Chun'an Promotes itself as Global Green City
China is so vast that alternative landscapes can be found, where people can have a good rest and breathe clean air. In the west of Zhejiang Province, east China, a green and pleasant land awaits the millions of urbanites, who are tired of their monotonous city lives.
Happiness in Twilight Years: Smart Elderly Care in Luoyang
The Chinese population is rapidly aging after decades of the "one child" policy, greater life expectancy and other factors. How to provide quality care for the huge number of seniors has become a pressing issue. Faced up to this situation, some cities have been exploring new ways to help ease the shortage of quality care for the elderly.
Renewal of Tradition: The Modernization of Kun Qu Opera
Although Kun Qu has been included on UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the preservation of this traditional Chinese opera still faces challenges. Many attempts have been made by Kun Qu performers and other artists to help it strike a chord with younger audiences, most of whom prefer more modern pop culture.
"Slow for a Better Life" in Yaxi Town
The fast-pace and hustle and bustle of crowded cities often makes many residents nostalgic about the slow-paced, rural pastoral life of years gone by. Reviving this kind of tranquil life, a small town called Yaxi in eastern China is providing an ideal place for people fed up with the pressure and anxiety of modern urban life.
From Nuisance to Resources: China Explores Ways to Treat Kitchen Waste
How to treat the kitchen waste has become a problem for individual Chinese families as well as the nation as a whole. As well as mass scale industrial treatment, one seemingly insignificant invention by a Beijing resident has proved to be very effective in treating the small amount of kitchen waste that a single household produces.



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