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Dachuan: A 21-year-old American student, Dachuan is studying Chinese in a language university. He is bright and optimistic. He's curious. Everything in China is fresh to him. He likes adventure, and dares to try. While his disadvantages are that he is slipshod, careless and sloppy. Sometimes he acts rashly and cares little about the results. So he often makes a spectacle of himself. He falls in love with Li Mei at the first sight.

Wang Jun: A 22-year-old boy from Beijing, Wang Jun is Dachuan's classmate. He's enthusiastic and hospitable. He is serious and conscientious when doing things, which wins him trust from students and teachers. Wang likes traditional calligraphy and Beijing Opera.

Li Mei: A 20-year-old Chinese girl, Li Mei is lively and bright. She's Dachuan's classmate. She's kind but a little bit wilful sometimes.

Gao Qiang: Dachuan's roommate. Coming from northern China, he is a big-hearted, handsome and strong boy. He loves sports and is famous for doing really well in sports. This makes him popular among the girls. His favorite sport is basketball.

Sun Dawei: Dachuan's new classmate. He's a positive, optimistic boy. With an uninhibited character, sometimes he likes to play tricks.

Hu Man: A girl from France. She is 21 and also a student in a language university studying Chinese. She's Dachuan's friend.She is a lively girl and extroverted. She can identify herself with rest of Dachuan's classmates. She likes Chinese food.

Mr. Zhang: Dachuan's Chinese teacher. The 35-year-old man is kind and modest.