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On the Great Wall, Dachuan picks up a pair of glasses that a girl has dropped on the ground. The girl thanks him and asks where he studies.

  Chinese Characters

他的意思是十分明白的。 What he means is quite obvious.

室内光线明亮。 The room is well-lit.

Chinese Studio
• Lesson 60 Review
请拿菜单来, Please bring me the menu. 来一只烤鸭, Please bring me a roast duck., 一碗汤a bowl of soup, and一碗米饭a bowl of rice.
• Lesson 59 Supermarket
超市, supermarket. 购物车, trolley. 请问,购物车在哪儿?Excuse me, where is the trolley? 入口,entrance. 收银台, cashier.
• Lesson 58 What do you want to buy?
What do you want to buy? 你要买什么?蔬菜,vegetable. 西红柿, tomato, 水果,fruit. 西瓜, watermelon, 肉,meat. 牛肉,beef.

Learn Chinese Now
• Lesson 12 Revision
对了,right! Remember the little le, l,e, le, on the end doesn’t have any real meaning. It’s just colloquial habit. Stuart, 你的行李太重了.
• Lesson 11 行李太多,去友谊宾馆
你的行李也太重了。Ni de xingli yě tai zhòng le.S hide, wo de xingli ye tai zhòng le. Wo de xingli ye tai zhòng le.
• Lesson 10 行李太重了
对了,dui le. Too heavy, tai zhong. Zhòng ZHONG zhong, 4th tone, zhòng. 他的行李太重了.
I Love Beijing

A Taste of Tea, and Chinese, Too
Interview with Cui Yumin
My major is finance. And I plan to work in Shanghai, which is a not only a financial hub in China but also the trade center of the world. I hope I can work in Shanghai in the future.

Bulletin Hits
• 醉(zuì)赤(chì)壁(bì)
落叶(luòyè)堆积(duījī)了(le)好几(hǎojǐ)层(céng) 而(ér)我(wǒ)跺(duò)过(guò)青春(qīngchūn)

• 《大腕》
Yoyo (Ge You) is a down-on-his-luck cameraman who gets hired for a job and gets more than he bargained for.
Idioms & Stories
• 羽毛未丰 Being unfledged
Now we’ll learn a new phrase, which literally means “being unfledged.” We use the idiom to describe something that hasn’t fully developed. We also use it to describe those who are young and immature.
• 佳人
绝代有佳人, 幽居在空谷;
自云良家子, 零落依草木。
关中昔丧乱, 兄弟遭杀戮;
官高何足论? 不得收骨肉。
Education News
• 我国首家广播孔子学院成立 陈至立出席揭牌仪式
• Registration Procedures
• The Basic Chinese Proficiency Test
• The Elementary and Intermediate Chinese Proficiency Test
• The Advance Chinese Proficiency Test
• 甲级语法大纲

  • 戒烟不难

  • 有两个吸烟的人


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