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Lifestyle News
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Reopens
On May 22nd, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong reopened after a six-month renovation. Visitors can get in close contact with realistic wax images of celebrities at the brand new attraction.
• False Alarm Sparks Airport Panic 2006-05-23
• Elderly Dwarf Finds 5th Wife Via Ad 2006-05-23
• Contemporary Arts Exhibition in Nanjing  2006-05-23
• A Toy Hospital in Beijing 2006-05-23
• Survey Indicates Top 3 Factors to Happiness 2006-05-23
• Disabled, Elderly Need Attention 2006-05-23
• Horseback Riding Can Help Kids with Cerebral Palsy: Experts 2006-05-23
• Golden Foil Roses for Sale in Jinan  2006-05-23
• Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Reopens 2006-05-23
• Taipei Opened First Park for Dogs 2006-05-23
• Chinese Flock to Korea for Dreams of Perfection 2006-05-23
• Shop Selling Second-hand Name Brand Products 2006-05-23
• Train China's Own Seeing-eye Dogs 2006-05-23
• Seven Banks to Collect ATM Enquiry Fare 2006-05-23
• Let the Wedding Ceremony Explains 2006-05-22
• Peddlery Penalized for Occupying Blind Track 2006-05-22
• Surrogate Pregnancy to Cost over USD12,500 in Shanghai 2006-05-22
• Weight Loss Market Booming As Concern Over Obesity Grows 2006-05-22
• Post-1980s Wealthy Arouses Debate on Education 2006-05-22
• Surrogate Pregnancy to Cost Over USD12,500 in Shanghai 2006-05-22
• Toxic Grass 2006-05-22
• Noisy Art Gallery 2006-05-22
• Group Wedding Ceremony in Shenyang 2006-05-22
• Taxi Fare Increase Gets Cool Response 2006-05-22
• Fake Banknote Producers Busted 2006-05-22
• Phony Doctor Arrested for Poisoning Girl to Death 2006-05-22
• Online Dating Market to Hit 653m Yuan in '08 2006-05-22
• Chinese Classics Reading Contest Held 2006-05-22
• Former Security Guard Accused of Raping 2006-05-22
• 28 Advance in Eating Contest 2006-05-22
• Complaints Cloud Romance at Party 2006-05-22
• Media Market Too Small for All Graduates 2006-05-22
• Senior's Rail 'Excursion' 2006-05-22
• Single Party in Shanghai 2006-05-21
• Dog Theme Park 2006-05-21
• A Great Mom 2006-05-21
• Ideas for Office Noon Breaks 2006-05-21
• Craving Lucky Numbers in Daily Life 2006-05-21
• Charity Function Raises US$1.38m for Disabled 2006-05-21
• Middle-Aged Men in East China Get Longer Waistline: Survey 2006-05-21
If you are a spicy food fan, you might like to check out Southern Beauty (or Qiao Jiangnan), a chain of 19 restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai that serve Sichuan cuisine.
Moving from the daily grind of Beijing back to the coziness of Kyoto, Mai takes Billy even further for a sweet trip to Cumpa-land, a very special caf¨¦ in the center of town where time stands still...
Forget the pressures of work and enjoy this summer at some great Chinese manors near Beijing.
• False Alarm Sparks Airport Panic
• Elderly Dwarf Finds 5th Wife Via Ad
• Contemporary Arts Exhibition in Nanjing
• A Toy Hospital in Beijing
• Survey Indicates Top 3 Factors to Happiness
• Disabled, Elderly Need Attention
• Horseback Riding Can Help Kids with Cerebral Palsy: Experts
• Golden Foil Roses for Sale in Jinan
• Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Reopens
• Taipei Opened First Park for Dogs
• Chinese Flock to Korea for Dreams of Perfection
• Train China's Own Seeing-eye Dogs
• Seven Banks to Collect ATM Enquiry Fare
• Let the Wedding Ceremony Explains
• Peddlery Penalized for Occupying Blind Track
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