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A pair of giant pandas offered by the Chinese mainland to Taiwan left Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province, on Tuesday for the island.

China's Pandas Face Winter Food Shortages: Report
The devastating Sichuan earthquake in May destroyed much of the wild pandas' habitat and devastated large swathes of bamboo forest, their staple diet.
A Big Shift for China's AIDS Fight
A recent survey of six major Chinese cities found that just 54% of Chinese would use a condom if they had sex with a new partner.

• Road Accident Kills Seven in Southwest China
• Factory under Construction Collapses, One Dead and Nine Injured
• Heavy Snow Blocks Traffic in E China, Temperature Drops Nationwide
• Jilin: Pioneer of China's Drive to Increase Grain Output

China to "Seriously Consider" Building Aircraft Carrier
China said aircraft carriers are "a reflection of a nation's comprehensive power" and are needed to meet the demands of a country's navy. Warships to Set off on Friday for Somalia Pirates
China Launches New Geostationary Weather Satellite
China's third geostationary meteorological satellite, the Fengyun-2-06, was launched into the space on a Long March-3A carrier rocket at 8:54 on Tuesday.
Nanjing Official under Investigation
A real estate management official in Nanjing spotted in a photograph wearing a high-end luxurious wristwatch and smoking expensive cigarettes is under investigation, the local government said on its website on the weekend.
New Guideline on Death Penalty
The Supreme People's Court (SPC) is working on a guideline to unify standards for the issuing of the death penalty for five categories of crimes in a bid to ensure consistency across the country.
Pension Account Transfer Proposed
Workers will retain the accumulated amount of their pension fund even if their accounts are transferred to another province or region, says a draft law, which is important for the 200 million migrant workers.
• Road Accident Kills Seven in Southwest China
• "Wild Wolf" Detected near Beijing's Great Wall
• Mainland Panda Couple for Taiwan Arrive in Chengdu
• 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts SW Taiwan
• UN Hails Naval Escorting Operations by China
• China Mulls Security Scrutiny for Patent Applications
• China, Indonesia Vow to Step up Strategic Partnership
• Aluminum Furnace Collapse Kills 3, Hurts 6 in E China
• TV Stations Team up for More Original, Faster Reports
• Charity to Send Greeting Cards to Quake-hit Pupils
• China to Launch New Geostationary Weather Satellite
• Debate on Food Safety Draft Law Postponed
• China to Ratify Judicial Assistance Treaty with UAE
•  China's Procurement Delegation Signs 11 Deals with Britain
• Don't Let the Government Measures End in Rubber Checks
• China Punishes Officials in Anti-corruption Campaign
• Chinese Fleet to Escort Ships off Somalia
• Chinese Navy Sets Sail for Historic Anti-Piracy Mission
• China's Banking Industry to Further Strengthen Capability in Dealing With Risks
• China Takes Measures to Help Employers and Employees Weather Economic Crisis
• Olympic Major Venues Transform for Public Purpose
In Depth
Boao Forum 2009
This year's Boao Forum will foucs on how Asian countries weather chanllenges brougt by the financial crisis.
G20 London Summit
G20 summit concluded in London on Thursday, with pledge of 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars.
Editor's Choice
• Picked Seat for Rebuilding Quake-hit County Goes through Expertise Appraisal
• China's 1st Grid-connected Solar Power Station in Desert
• Senior Official Urges Police to be ready for Next Year's Challenges
• Deng Changed Direction of Sino-US Relations: US Scholar
• A Dirty Trade between University and Bank

Diplomatic News
• Reports on China's Arms Transportation to Zimbabwe "Fabrication": FM
• China, Indonesia Vow to Step up Strategic Partnership
• China, Japan Vow Further Political Trust, Reciprocal Cooperation
• Ethiopian PM: Improvement of CPC's Governing Capability Contributes to China's Success
• Algerian FM Hails Great Potential of Algeria-China Cooperation
• Senior Legislator Hope Youth Exchanges to Promote China-Japan Ties
• Mainland Panda Pair Arrive in Taiwan
• Commemorative Gold Bars of Pandas for Taiwan Issued
• Mainland's Panda Pair Leave for Taiwan
• The Price of Taiwan Tours Decrease with Direct Flights Starting
• Gift Pandas Are Ready for Tomorrow's Travelling to Taiwan
• 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts SW Taiwan
Weekly Review
• Senior Official Urges Police to be ready for Next Year's Challenges
• Iron Ores Are Not All We Have: Anshan Chief
• China Tests Cross-border Songhua River for Pollutants under Treaty
• China Launches New Remote Sensing Satellite
• Fire Kills 7 in Massage Parlor in North China
• Central Authorities Congratulate Guangxi on 50th Founding Anniversary