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Resourcefully rich and ethnically diverse, the exotic land is home to China's longest inland river, lowest area and largest desert. Urumqi
Guizhou Province is unfamiliar to travelers, but its peculiar natural scenery, remarkable national customs, brilliant history, culture and the pleasant climate condition form a unique, aboriginal, unsophisticated and mysterious landscape. Leishan Tianlong
Shandong is the hometown of Confucius and the cradle of Qilu Culture, which used to make this land a parallel to the Ancient Greece. Mountains and waters of Shandong have been the witnesses of the glories and  humiliations in the Chinese history. Qufu Qingdao
Archaeological findings show that Hebei is one of birthplaces of the Chinese nation. Overshadowed by Beijing and Tianjin for a long time, now it's managed to exhibit a grass-root glamor of a time-honored plain. Wuling Mountain Chengde
Henan, or "River South", lies south of the Yellow River. As a political and cultural center in ancient China, it was called the "Central Plain" after its situation. Now Henan has been rediscovered as a place to touch the history. Rediscovering Henan
In terms of beauty, Zhejiang has been famous since ancient time. One of the 6 ancient capitals in China, Hangzhou, the provincial capital, is a historic and cultural city over 2000 years old with stunning sceneries. Hangzhou Putuo Mountain
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