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CAU Climbing LeagueCross the Snow Line-CAU Climbing League
A band of brave youth at the Climbing League of China Agricultural university...
China Dinosaur Park"Jurassic Park" in China
Come joining us to be chased by a T-Rex in the Changzhou China Dinosaur Park!
Shanghai ImpressionShanghai Impression
Some staff of the English Department got the chance to visit Shanghai-China's economic hub this April...
ChangqingA Panda Lover's Story
Interview with an Australian animal conservator working in Changqing Nature Reserve, Shaanxi province.
hfghdSun Yang's Yunnan Trip
Push yourself beyond limits-let's hear about Sunyang'sYunnan trip, in the Summer of 2004.
picBeihai Park
Pay a visit to Beihai park-the former royal garden of emperors.
  My Travel Story
Xinjiang DiaryXinjiang Diary
Having spent a fascinating week in Xinjiang, CRI reporter Liu Min has a lot to share.
Richard P. WildsA CRI Winner's Trip to China
An American teacher's travel diary in Beijing and Xi'an. Contest Winner List
ChengduChengdu Calling
A few tourism tips for travellers tempted by horse treks, scenic valleys and giant pandas.
Turpan TripZhang Xiaoyu's Turpan Trip
Follow CRI reporter Xiaoyu  to Turpan, the "oven" in Xijiang and the city of grapes and wine.
XiChina's Eternal City
One almost need not visit Xi'an to be in awe of the place...
Mt.TaishanMt. Taishan, A Mortal Man in an Immortal Land
We are plunging fast into a milky abyss, along with my heart.
longmenLongmen Grotto
Walking inside the caves, I see entire walls covered with carved Buddhas...
ChangzhouChangzhou: It Reminds Me of Home
Changzhou is such a small city that you can visit most of its attractions on foot. But in some aspects, it's huge.
beihaiSweet Dreams Are Made of Beihai
Ah ... strolling in pleasant sunshine along the coast, the surf washing against your toes.
sanyaAh, Sanya...
I relished the ease with which I had discovered a tropical paradise in China.
suzhou28 Hours in Suzhou
I resolved to gain an intimate knowledge of the ordinary, everyday Suzhou that locals know.
picLugu Lake:Water Falling down from Heaven
If you're lucky enough to visit this magical place,you'll find that the name provides an excellent and truthful description.
newZhaoqing-City of History
With the grand Dinghu Mountain and Qixing Cave, Zhaoqing is a city of many charming sites in south China's Guangdong Province.
kashiThe City of Kashi
It was 6 p.m. when I stood in the square in front of the Aitika Mosque in Kashi, in southwestern Xinjiang.
skiI Believe I Can Fly!
Skiing has been a dream of mine for a long time, especially since I learned how to skate.
skiFirst Time Out
Most everyone has a story to tell. Here is one story about a first time out.


My Travel Story
Easy Travel
Changzhou China Dinosaur Park
"Jurassic Park"
Shanghai Impression
Beihai Park
Beihai Park
Panda Story
Photo Gallery
Climbing League of CAU
Brave's Game
Mt. Tai
Town of Phoenix
Water township
Car Review

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