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East China Martyrs
Vice President of the National Tourism Bureau       

Recommended Tourist Regions
 Red Tour in Shaanxi                                More...    Red Tour in Sichuan & Chongqing                        More...
[Trip] CYTS Yan'an 4-Day Trip
[Must See]Yangjialing Revolutionary Site
[Figures & Facts] The City of Yan'an
[Must See] Yan'an Pagoda
[Must See] The Hukou Waterfall
[Must See] Hongyan Memorial Museum
[Reading] Deng Xiaoping's Biographical Review
[Must See] The Three Gorges
[Reports] Retrace Steps of Long March
[Reports]Visiting DengXiaoping's Hometown  
 Red Tour in Northeast China                More...    Red Tour in Shanghai, Nanjing & Jiaxing           More...
[Museum] Japanese Germ Warfare Base
[Monument] Soviet Red Army Martyrs
[Scene] Flood Control Monument
[Scene] Stalin Park
[Scene] Zhongshan Square
[Memorial]First National Congress of CPC
[Memorial] The Nanjing Massacre
[Mauseleum] Sun Yatsen's Mausoleum
[Scene] The Rain Flower Terrace
[Scene]The Former Residence of Lu Xun
 Red Tour in Hunan                                  More...    Red Tour in Jiangxi                                                  More...
[Scene]Dripping Water Cave
[Scene]Fomer Residence of Mao Zedong
[College]Hunan First Normal College
[Museum]Leifeng Memorial Museum
[Museum]Comrade Mao's Museum
[Museum]Nanchang Uprising Museum
[Memorial]Jinggangshan Force' Meeting
[Scene]Octagonal Building
[Scene]Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery
[Museum]Revolutionary Museum
 Red Tour in Guizhou & Guangxi           More...    Red Tour in Beijing, Tianjin & Hebei                    More...
[Reports] Retrace Steps of Long March
[Scene]Statues of "Flying Tigers"
[Memorial]Zunyi Meeting Site
[Memorial]Xifeng Concentration Camp
[Museum]Baise Uprising Museum
[Must See] Tian'anmen Square
[Must See] Badaling Great Wall
[Scene] Great Hall of the People
[Memorial]Beiping-Tianjin Memorial Hall
[Museum]Xibaipo Memorial Museum

Red Trips

Revolutionary Songs
BYTS Red Tour Around Beijing
Heilongjiang Province 5-Day Trip
Shaoshan, Chasha, Zhangjiajie Trip
Lushan, Jinggangshan, Nanchang Trip
Huangguoshu Waterfall, Zunyi Trip
Red Trips In and Around Shanghai
CYTS Yan'an 4-Day Trip
[1960s] Sing a Folk Song for Our Party
[1940s] Song of  Guerrilla
[1970s]Red Star Shines Over Me to Battle
[1960s] In Praise of the Red Plum-blossoms
[1960s] How Kindly Chairman Mao!
[1930s] Defend the Yellow River

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