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Let's hear it for the French
On this weeks voices from other lands we celebrate Bastille day, one of the most important festivals on the French calendar. We'll look back on some of the events of the 'year of france in china'.

Let's hear it for the French
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Thea Musgrave and the Theatre of Music
East or West, Opera's Best!
Foreign Babes
Animal Magic
Health Matters
Voices from Other Lands: The Adler Trio
In Any Event ...
Cool Jazz
The Short Step
Food for Thought
Music to My Ears
What began life as a ten-minute program on CRI is now moving on to a new stage in its life. Voices from other lands in its moving on, becoming a half-hour magazine show devoted to interviews and discussions on topics concerning China and its ties to the rest of the world. It will never be our intention to push an idea on the air, nor will it ever be our intention to discuss things in a hard-faced, almost uncomfortably serious manner. Rather, it is our intention to provide the setting for insights to be shared, knowledge to be gained, and ideas to be cherished, be they of national or international importance.

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