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Southwest China's Yi Minority

Southwest China's Yi Minority
Folk Songs of Shanxi Province
The Two Sides of the Pipa: Civil and Scenic, Martial and Fierce
Kyrzyz, Uzbek, Tajik--Three Minorities from China's Wild West
Ancient Korean Zithers
Kazakh Music-- From Ancient Archives to Modern Folk
Liuqin C the Sounds of Earth and Willow
The Surprising Versatility of the Moon Guitar
The Trees, Lakes and Continents of the Zhongruan
The Sound of Pipa
Hebei Folk Music
Wild Goose on a Peaceful Beach
Autumn Meditation!Music of the Ming Dynasty
Music of the Yuan Dynasty
China Roots, a new feature on China Radio International, is an introduction to China's rich traditional musical culture. We hope to introduce listeners to the ROOTS of Chinese musical culture, as well as giving you a ROUTE into that culture. Over the next weeks and months, we'll be looking at music of China's main Han ethnic group, as well as traditions of China's varied ethnic minorities. We'll also be looking at instrumental traditions such as the Guqin, Erhu, Pipa and Guzheng, as well as folk opera and narrative song traditions. Join us on China Roots every Saturday on China Radio International.

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