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050714 Real Time Beijing
A Chinese fast food chain adds western flavors onto its menu... A recently published book portrays the lives of a group of blind minstrels ...And we take a look back at the cultural exchanges between France and China... 2005-07-14

050714 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-14
050713 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-13
050712 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-12
050708 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-08
050707 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-07
050706 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-06
050705 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-05
050704 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-04
050701 Real Time Beijing 2005-07-01
050630 Real Time Beijing 2005-06-30
050629 Real Time Beijing 2005-06-29
050628 Real Time Beijing 2005-06-28
050627 Real Time Beijing 2005-06-27
050624 Real Time Beijing 2005-06-24
Metropolitan news, press clippings, Business reports, Market analysis, technological advancements, you¨ve got them all here on RealTime Beijing. But we know that you deserve even more. So, we add some health tips, what's hot in the entertainment scene and hit songs in China. Plus, guest speakers join us every day to share your in-depth views and exclusive experiences, only for you to get a richer taste of our culture. Unveil the mask of mysterious China by tuning to RealTime Beijing on CRI and

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