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CNOOC's Acquisition Bid
People in the Know talks to CNOOC Chairman and CEO Fu Chengyu to discuss why he wrote the article "Why is America Worried?"We also talk to Newsweek and Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson to discuss his article "Let's Stay Out of This Fight".

CNOOC's Acquisition Bid
Nuclear Issues and Nuclear Disarmament
US-Japan and US-China Ties
UN Reforms from Africa and U.S. Perspectives
UN Reforms
Deeply Wounded Europe
China Cancels meeting with Japanese PM
China's Current Rate
Taiwan after Lien and Song's Mainland Visits
James Soong's Trip to Mainland
Historical Handshake
Asia Africa Summit
People in the Know: China, India Eye New Era
People in the Know: Japan and Its Neighbors
A stimulating talk show on CRI. Having developed from "Talk to the Minister," "People in the Know" is another "famous brand" program on China Radio International. The program mainly provides our listeners with the views of Chinese experts and the Chinese government. Foreign guests, including leaders of national and international organizations, are also invited to approach hot issues in domestic and international politics, economy, diplomacy, science and technology. Join Guan juanjuan for meaningful insights on "People in the Know," a forum for thinking people.

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