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Oil workers' life in Karamy in Xinjiang
We'll look at the lives of two very different groups of people C firstly oil workers in Western China's biggest oil field. Then we're off to the other side of the country to meet some folks from the Dong ethnic group.

Oil workers' life in Karamy in Xinjiang
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Taiwan students on the Mainland

A Farmer's Life in Hunan province, South China
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A Polyglot Cop in Beijing
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Housing in China
Students with Economic Difficulties Gets Help
Life in China is changing by the day. New buildings go up seemingly overnight, consumers find their selection of goods expanding every time they shop, college graduates are staggered by their career choices. Life in China is changing for the better, but with the changes also come new problems and issues. What is happening in China today, and how are people dealing with their difficulties? Life in China tops our home page every Friday Beijing time at "Inside Today" with a clear perspective on this country and its people. Is there any aspect of life in China that particularly interests you?

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