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Listeners' Garden,2005-07-09
In this week's LG, we talk to Steve Flamm, a regular CRI listener from the States, who joins us to share his story of being an Amateur Radio operator.

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Listeners' Garden is a new, expanded version of the previous Listener's Letterbox. Broadcast on our home page at "Online Radio" every Saturday (Beijing time), it is a program for the weekend - relaxed, with a bit of humor, and also, we hope, informative, as we answer listener's questions about China, teach them some Chinese, and much, much more. The weekly Chinese idiom and the story behind it offer insights into Chinese culture, history and humor. On Culture Vulture Time, guests discuss anything that relates to culture. And, of course, we must have a music break, during which we try to play things that are rarely heard on other programs (we also welcome listeners' requests.)

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