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JJ Lam

 Today*s program features JJ Lam ,the rising young pop singer. Let*s hear I*m the One from his debut album, Music Traveler first.

JJ Lam
From An Ordinary Composer to A Pop Idol
Jaycee: Eager to Excel
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Source of Happiness
Ye Fan and Arken
Nian Jianhua and Zhang Yan
National Singing Competition 每 Opera Singers
Ai Jing 每 Her &97 and Buffalo's &66
Jessica 每 May and the Tenacious Flower
Happy Avenue from Qinghua to Gothic Territory
Tao Zhe - A Change of Style
BeautIsland 每 Latest Album from Luo Dayou
A Little Colour, Courtesy of Cui Jian
Want to know what contemporary Chinese music sounds like? Easy! Listen to China Beat, a brand new 45-minute weekly show on CRI. Savor new and uniquely Chinese music. We've received many letters asking for more music in our programming. So, we're bringing you this new show, of modern music from China. 100 percent Chinese music, blends of Chinese and western, enjoy the wonderful variety of contemporary Chinese music. China Beat, on CRI.

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