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Guests Invited to HK Disneyland Opening
The grand opening of Hong Kong Disney will be on September 12. Guest list for those invited to the event starts to be released.
Seven Swords Score Better Than "Initial D"
The box office of "Seven Swords" scored 2.72 million Yuan on its first three days.
Zhang Ziyi
Imagine a young, virtually unknown movie actress stealing a blockbuster out from under Denzel Washington and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
In her first official interview since splitting from the
"Nanjing1937" Meets Audience
The original dance drama "Nanjing1937" made its debut Monday night in Beijing.
Jen Aniston: What You Haven't Heard!
Anderson Sued for Breach of Contract
Sharon Stone Promotes New Film
Jolie Takes Pitt into the Clouds
Garner & Affleck Plan Daredevil 2
Orlando Bloom Enters 21st Century
Samuel Seeks Payback in Samurai
Madonna Laughs off Aguilera & Stefani
Kidman Snatches Lead in Invasion
Hollywood Filed Lawsuits against Piracy
Choi Ji-woo to Release New Photo
Jang Nara Chosen Best Asian Singer
Aniston's Former Sweetheart Cancels Memorabilia Auction
Harrison Ford Promoting Aviation to Kids
Theron Re-designs Heroine Costume
Chinese "Friends" to Begin Shooting
Jackie Chan Involves The Shinjuku Incident with Yee Tung-Shing
Guests Invited to HK Disneyland Opening
Andy Lau: Big Winner at Music Awards
Seven Swords Score Better Than "Initial D"
In the Mood for Zhang Ziyi
Bae Fever in Taiwan
Cui Jian to Perform at Live Vocals 3rd Anniversary
Daniel Wu Forms a New Band
Kung Fu Monks Ready for Taiwan Trip
1st Int'l Violin Competition Debuts in China
Jay Chow Shelves 2nd Movie
The Pained Veil Remake to Start Shooting in Beijing
Joey Yung: I Only Have Mommy
Donnie Yen Preps Dragon and Tiger
World CarnivalWorld Carnival 2005
Internationally famous "mobile amusement park" World Carnival opens to Beijing residents.
Seven SwordsSeven Swords
HK Director Tsui Hark's martial-arts film "Seven Swords" will hit the big screens.
supergirlSuper Girl Show
"Mongolian Cow Sour Sour Yogurt Super Girl" show has led to controversial discussion.
DisneyJungle Adventures
Disney on Ice is coming to Beijing in August! Join our online quiz and win tickets to the Extravaganza!