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DisneyDisney on Ice is coming to Beijing in August! Join our online Disney Quiz and win tickets to the ice Extravaganza!
·Style Awards China 2004
·"Wall of Hope" Concert
What's Classic  More
supergirl"Mongolian Cow Sour Sour Yogurt Super Girl"show has led to controversial discussion.
·Beijing Int'l Drama Festival
·Pepsi Music Chart Awards
·Spielberg Film Draws Israeli Criticism
·Facing Hollywood, Chinese film industry advances carefully, optimistically
·Guests Invited to HK Disneyland Opening
·Cui Jian to Perform at Live Vocals 3rd Anniversary
Song of the Day
When Grapes Ripe
Eason's new release U87 is to thank all fans for their unfailing support.
·Ramble--He Jiong
·Xin Qi-ji--Yu Quan
·Mariah Carey "Mimi"
Mariah Carey's new album "Emancipation of Mimi" will be released on April 12.
·Jennifer Lopez "Rebirth"
Lopez rebounded quickly with a marriage to Latin pop singer Marc Anthony.
·No.1 After 1000 Years
·No.2 Prejudice
·No.3 Xi Shua Shua
·No.4 We Afterwards
·No.5 Your Tears Are Beautiful
·No.6 Cool Beauty
·No.7 Deep Breath
·No.8 Beautiful Sun-set
Yu QuanRainYu QuanLeon LaiHuang Yida
·Spice Girls
·Backstreet Boys
·Whitney Houston
·Celine Dion
·Norah Jones
Jang NaraJang Nara Album "One"
MV for S. Korean singer Jang Nara's new album "One".
He Jiong"A Common Heart"
MV for Chinese TV host He Jiong's single "A Common Heart".
Phil CollinsCan't Stop Loving You
MV for Phil Collins's single Can't Stop Loving You. 
·"Xiao Yao Sigh" in the TV Serise "Legend of Sword and Fairy"
·Theme Song of the TV Series "Legend of Sword and Fairy"
·"The Rain in June" in TV Series "Legend of Sword and Fairy"
·Theme Song of "Kung Fu Hustle"-Kung Fu Fighting
·Theme Song of "A World without Thieves"
·Interlude of South Korean Film "Windstruck"
·Main Tune for HK Film "2046"
·Chinese Director Lu Chuan's Film "Ke Ke Xi Li"
·Director Chen Yifei Died of Stomach Hemorrhage!-by Lizphair
·Scissor Sisters the big winners at Brit Awards
·Photos from the 2005 GRAMMY Awards
·About 47th Annual Grammy Awards
·Perfume and the Stars