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Must Haves  
fruitDVD:Crazed Fruit
It's the most elusive of age statures, that unknowable realm known as youth.
Director and Scriptwriter:
Edmond Pang Ho Cheung
Actor: Wong Yau-Nam, Lawrence Chou, Chui Tien-You, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung
·Tsui Hark Gets Back to Kung Fu Roots
·In the Mood for Zhang Ziyi
· Delayed Film "Ah Sou" Succeeds in HK Cinemas  
·Chinese "Friends" to Begin Shooting
·Anderson Sued for Breach of Contract
·Sharon Stone Promotes New Film
In Theaters
Bai Ling
Bai Ling's New Film Premieres in Berlin
A Sao
HK Crime Drama A Sao to Premiere
·1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
·2. Wedding Crashers
·3. Fantastic Four
·4. The Island
·5. Bad News Bears
·6. War of the Worlds
·7. Hustle & Flow
war batman initial D mag Star War III--Revenge of the Sith 
Seven Swords
·Anderson Sued for Breach of Contract
·Donnie Yen Preps Dragon and Tiger
·"Desperate Housewives" to Be Shown on CCTV
·Li Bingbing and Liu Xiaoqin in New TV Drama
operaDVD:The Phantom of the Opera
This romantic musical epic is about a mysterious masked figure,who roams the undergrounds of 19th century Paris, centering his activity around (or under) the Opera Populaire.
bobbyDVD:A Love Song for Bobby Long
A Love Song for Bobby Long is the kind of film that requires a few viewings to warm up to.
girlThis Charming Girl
Written and directed by Lee Yoon Ki, This Charming Girl is a sensitive human drama about an eccentric young woman.
·Edmond Pang Ho-Cheung
·Tsui Hark
·Ming-liang Tsai
·Tian Zhuangzhuang
·Wong Kar Wai
·Song Hye Kyo
·Daniel Wu
·Cecilia Cheung
·Renee Zellweger
·Orlando Bloom
·Jackie Chan
·Julia Roberts
·movie: kingdom of heaven-Mr. Visa 
·Three Chinese Films Vying for Golden Palm (bonbons)
·Director Chen Yifei Died of Stomach Hemorrhage!-by Lizphair
·纪念张国荣(超完整) ZT by 青涩宝贝
·Your recommend films 推荐电影 by 青涩宝贝