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"Red Rose and White Rose" Falls on Chen Jianbing"Red Rose and White Rose" Falls on Chen Jianbing
Chinese mainland actor Chen Jianbing, who stars in hot CCTV TV series "Qiao Jia Da Yuan", has been invited to perform in a stage drama "Red Rose and White Rose".
peach blossomWorld Tour of Kunqu Opera "Peach Blossom Fan" Kicks off
Regarded as representative of the best that China's Kunqu opera has to offer, the new version of Peach Blossom Fan premiered at the Poly Theatre in Beijing over the weekend.
100th of Yueju Opera
Directly from Peking Opera classic "Farewell My Concubine," the Yueju Opera version, "Yu Ji the Beauty," will debut this weekend ! a highlight of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Yueju Opera, writes Fan Meijing. 
Drama "Love in a Fallen City" to Hit Beijing
Hong Kong award-winning actor Leung Kar-Fei arrived in Beijing yesterday to promote his first stage drama "Love in A Fallen City".
Enjoy a Theatrical Valentine's Day
With the western Valentine's Day just around the corner, Beijing People's Art Theatre is putting on several dramas especially for young lovers.
Beijing's Concert Music Past and Future
The Spring Festival holiday sounds the end of the year¨s winter concert season affirms the fact that concert music in Beijing is steadily growing in quality and attracting a list of stars worthy of namedropping around your snooty music-geek friends back home.
Perennial Favorite
Verdi's classic opera of familial tensions and love lost in Paris, "La Traviata," is being brought to Shanghai.
Love Is In The Air
The sight of Chen Zhumiao "flying" with his acrobat partner Hua Jing tied to him with white ribbons or held only by her ankle is a breathtaking experience as well as a show of romance.
Play Set to Entertain over New Year
A stage play featuring the journey of young dramatists to find meaning in their creative work will premiere at Chang'an Grand Theater on Thursday.
Eifman Ballet to Hit Beijing
Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg will make its debut on the Chinese mainland with two thrilling performances at the Great Hall of the People on Friday and Saturday.
A Ten-ton Children's Play
Once upon a time, the Beijing Children's Art Theater put on a children's play called Labyrinth (Migong).
Snow Wolf Lake
The story circulates through moonlit nights, with beautiful characters within, just like a myth living in the world.
Will Beijing Streets Be Buzzing With Broadway Tunes?
Hong Kong singer Karen Mok is to star in the Broadway musical "Rent" when it tours Asia.
Jinsha the Musical to Play Nationwide from Dec 7, 2005
Jinsha, China's most expensive and lavish musical to date, is set to embark on its nationwide tour on December 7 in Chongqing.


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