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Sex Cultural Relics on Display in Shanghai
An exhibition of Chinese sex culture and sexual health opened in Shanghai, March 8, 2006.
First Sino-Foreign Joint Venture in Performing Arts Marks Birth of "Oriental Broadway"
Beijing Oriental Broadway International, the first Sino-Foreign joint venture company in performing arts, has been established in Beijing, signaling a new era of Broadway-style development of Chinese culture.
A Blossoming Art
There's something about photography that's accessible to everyone - you don't need a degree to understand it. Maybe that's why so many photo galleries are opening in the city, says Wang Jie. (Source: Shanghaidaily)
Hemingway's Fishing Boat May Be Restored
Ernest Hemingway's 40-foot, black-hulled fishing boat, the Pilar, could be getting a little restorative nip and tuck. (Source:AP)
  Latest News
First Sino-Foreign Joint Venture in Performing Arts Marks Birth of "Oriental Broadway" 2006-03-28
A Blossoming Art 2006-03-28
Hemingway's Fishing Boat May Be Restored 2006-03-26
China to Build 1st Museum for Women, Children 2006-03-26
China, Spain Seek New Channels to Cement Cultural Exchanges 2006-03-23
Photographers from South East Asia Show Works in Shanghai 2006-03-23
China Issues 1st Book on History of China-Portugal Ties 2006-03-23
Pottery Offers Clues to Origin of Chinese Characters 2006-03-23
2,200-year-old Royal Mausoleum to Open to Public 2006-03-23
100th of Yueju Opera 2006-03-22
Chinese Youth Show Interest in Russian Contemporary Culture 2006-03-21
International Wushu Tournament to Be Held in Nanning 2006-03-21
CCTV to Shoot Mekong Documentary 2006-03-21
Russian Encyclopedia Debuts in China 2006-03-21
China Launches 3rd Investigation into Cultural Heritage 2006-03-21
Xi'an Seeks Funds for Ancestral Mausoleum 2006-03-20
The Rising Sounds of Tibetan Music 2006-03-20
Berlin to Welcome Chinese Traditional Arts 2006-03-20
"Treasures of World Civilization" Exhibited in Capital Museum 2006-03-19
Stolen Van Gogh Returned After 7 Years 2006-03-19
Art Soak up Toxic Gases 2006-03-19
Shock Art 2006-03-19


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