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Language of Li Ethnic Group Under ThreatLanguage of Li Ethnic Group Under Threat
The language spoken by the Li ethnic group in the southernmost Chinese province of Hainan is under threat due to the prevalence of Putonghua, the official Chinese language, experts have warned.
BookGovernment Project to Promote Chinese Books Abroad
Over the years, Chinese literature has enjoyed pitiful and incompetent world coverage...
Chinese Youth Show Interest in Russian Contemporary Culture
The TV serial play of "Poor Nastia" tells of a love story in the Russian palace 100 years ago.
China Trains More Professional Translators
China International Publishing Group, a leading translation and publishing agency, has launched a program to train professional translators and interpreters to solve a shortage of expertise in these fields.
Painter Zhang's Daughter Fighting TV Portrait of Father
UPSET by the depiction of Chinese painter Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) in the TV series "Zhang Daqian," his daughter is now asking for public pressure to stop the TV drama from going on the air, according to Sunday's Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.
Primary Schools Launch Courses on Copyright
After having lessons on intellectual property right (IPR) protection at school, Liang Jinchao, a sixth primary school grader in South China's Guangdong Province, has one more homework to investigate registration of trademark.
Central China Temple Fair to Mark Birthday of Taoism Founder
Luyi County in Central China's Henan Province plans to hold regular temple fair annually to commemorate Lao Zi, the founder of Taoism, who was born in 571 B.C. in the county.
New Rural Education Policy Urged to Benefit Kids of Migrant Workers
The new government policy of scrapping school fees for school kids in rural areas has received widespread support but there are calls for children of migrant workers based in cities to receive similar allowances.
China to Blacklist Students Defaulting on Loan Payment
China plans to blacklist students who fail to pay off their interest-free loans, in a bid to ensure sound operation and lower risk for the state education loan system,the Ministry of Education said here Tuesday.
Museum on China's Largest Ethnic Group to Be Built
Schools Crack Down on Teen Website MySpace
Is it a virtual hangout for millions of American teenagers, like a sprawling electronic shopping plaza, or a magnet for sexual predators and pornographers?
Celebration Prepared for Sun Yat-sen's Anniversary
No Laughing matter: Guo's Morality Questioned
The dispute between comic dialogue star Guo Degang and Wang Yang has triggered a spate of criticism of the previously "unfamous" Guo. (
Comic Dialogue Star to Be Sued
Wang Yang, a comedian in charge of comic dialogues and acts in this year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala, said he is suing Guo Degang for slander, the Beijing Youth Daily reported yesterday.


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