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A Blossoming ArtA Blossoming Art
There's something about photography that's accessible to everyone - you don't need a degree to understand it. Maybe that's why so many photo galleries are opening in the city, says Wang Jie. (Source: Shanghaidaily)
Shock ArtShock Art
"Rape Kill Steal Burn," "Kill Me Fast" ... Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth has splashed astonishing slogans all over his paintings and self-designed jewelry showcased in his exhibition "Just Be Rich" at the DDM Warehouse.
First Sino-Foreign Joint Venture in Performing Arts Marks Birth of "Oriental Broadway"
Beijing Oriental Broadway International, the first Sino-Foreign joint venture company in performing arts, has been established in Beijing, signaling a new era of Broadway-style development of Chinese culture.
China to Build 1st Museum for Women, Children
China laid the foundation of its first Women and Children Museum here on Saturday, located on Beijing's Chang'an Avenue, to boost gender equality and childhood development.
Photographers from South East Asia Show Works in Shanghai
An international photography salon is being held in Shanghai, an art metropolis of east China.
Pottery Offers Clues to Origin of Chinese Characters
Chinese archaeologists claim that pottery utensils dating back 7,000 years ago which bear inscriptions of various symbols are probably one of the origins of Chinese characters.
100th of Yueju Opera
Directly from Peking Opera classic "Farewell My Concubine," the Yueju Opera version, "Yu Ji the Beauty," will debut this weekend ! a highlight of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Yueju Opera, writes Fan Meijing. 
International Wushu Tournament to Be Held in Nanning
Russian Encyclopedia Debuts in China
The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences(RAS), Yuri Osipov, presented here Monday the first volume of a Russian Encyclopedia to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS), which is the international debut of the voluminous book outside Russia.
China Launches 3rd Investigation into Cultural Heritage
China has launched a new round of investigations to ascertain the number of sites of historical interest and to put them under better protection.
Berlin to Welcome Chinese Traditional Arts
Five Traditional Chinese Operas will be staged in Germany later this month.
"Treasures of World Civilization" Exhibited in Capital Museum
A total of 272 exhibits from the collection of the British Museum are on show to the public in Beijing beginning Saturday to inform people of the progress of world civilization.
Stolen Van Gogh Returned After 7 Years
Art Soak up Toxic Gases
Worried about poisonous gases in your newly decorated apartment? No problem, just hang up some art.


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