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2005 Huangguoshu Waterfall Festival to Open
The waterscape of the Huangguoshu Waterfall will be the backdrop of this event. The splendid waterscape of the Huangguoshu Waterfall have long been the most famous image of Guizhou province, in southwest China.
Grand Singing Competition
Guizhou is home to nearly 40 ethnic minorities. Singing has long been their way of telling their daily activities and important occasions. The provincial government to spread the colorful cultures of all nationalities launches a grand singing competition-Ode to Guizhou.
Ethnic Minorities' Life Colorful
A foreign expert delegation from China Radio International says the living condition of ethnic minorities in China's southwest Guiyang is impressive.
picHuangguoshu Waterfall
Venturing in, you feel you've stepped through the looking glass into a moist, timeless wonderland. Photo
zunyiA Turning Point of the Long March: Zunyi
The tiny city of Zunyi is a revolutionary shrine that witnessed the turning point of Chinese medern history. Red Tour Around China
picMoutai Wine and the Wine Museum
Maotai is refreshing, rich and sweet, with a distinct after-taste.
picThe Chishui National Nature Reserve
Chishui is also known for its bamboo in China. Its sub-tropical climate is conducive to the growth of bamboo.
picMiao Stockade Village
For centuries the Miao have settled amidst the tranquil foothills and valleys undulating away from their revered mountain...Photo

picTianlong Tunpu
72 kilometers west of Guiyang, Tianlong Tunpu is the best-preserved Ming village in all of China...Photo