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 CRI serves the entire globe with 392 hours of broadcasts every day in 38 foreign languages and four local Chinese dialects as well as standard Chinese, aiming at promoting understanding and friendship between the people of China and people throughout the world.

China Radio International operates 27 overseas bureaus around the world, and many local bureaus across China, including the Hong Kong and Macao special administration regions, thereby forming a comprehensive global news and information network.

Since 26th December, 1998, CRI's programs have been available on the internet. Logging on to CRI's websites allow one to access CRI services in 42 languages.

CRI's websites are the only official multi-lingual publicity internet stations of China.

Since 6th October, 1999, CRI has relayed its TV program focusing on international news to many places in China.

CRI runs a Chinese-language newspaper, World NewsŁ¬and a magazine, World Radio, Film & Television.

CRI also run the China International Radio Press and the China International Audio & Video Publishing House.


CRI English Service broadcasts more than 145 hours of material a day for listeners in Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North and South America, and domestic listeners in about 20 cities. It focuses on satisfying listeners by providing informative, timely and interesting programs.

In addition to our short-wave broadcasts, we also try to make ourselves heard on the local AM and FM frequencies in many parts of the world. We can now be heard locally in Washington, Los Angles, London, as well as dozens of other major cities across the world. The broadcasting hours in local stations abroad has now reached 69.5 hours a day. If you're randomly tuning your AM/FM receiver at home or in your car, the chances are you'll come across us.

In 1984 and 1990, FM 91.5 and 1251 kHz were launched respectively, both targeting foreigners living in China. FM 91.5, CRI's first domestic channel, offered programs in English and several other foreign languages. This channel became English-only in 1999.

At the beginning of 2004, two new channels went on medium wave at 846 kHz and 1008 kHz, mainly focusing on news and English teaching programs.

In May 1990, CRI's English Service started the bimonthly, four-color newsletter, The Messenger, with an eye toward strengthening ties with listeners. The publication is delivered to overseas listeners, and to foreigners in China who work at embassies or consulates, foreign-owned and joint-venture companies, as well as students, teachers, journalists and tourists, or those who request it. It brings them information about CRI present and the plans for the future.

 Our Departments
News Broadcasting
To follow the latest events in China, to talk with people from all works of life, and update the world about China: be it hot issues or everyday life, political events or economic development. That is our job and we want to do it well...
Easy FM
CRI's domestic music service has been playing international music for China since the inception of Easy FM in 1989. Easy FM hit the airwaves on 91.5 FM in Beijing and listeners were instantly attracted. It aired daily with Western DJs covering most of the day's programs with pop music and talk...
As a website for international broadcasting, has shouldered the task of extending CRI's broadcasting coverage are to wherever the internet can go. It provides four channels of online radio programs and a large variety of news, feature stories and service information...
Overseas Bureaus of Englilsh Service

CRI opened its first overseas bureau in Tokyo on December 2nd, 1980, when the station was known as Radio Beijing. Since then, English Service overseas bureaus have been established around the globe, from Washington to New York, Sydney, London. There have been 7 CRI English Service reporters working overseas in seven countries...