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People in the Know(Mon-Fri) Voices from Other Lands(Thur)
Realtime China (Mon-Fri) Life in China(Fri)
News and Reports (Daily) Listeners' Garden(Sat)
Frontline(Mon) China Roots(Sat)
Biz China(Tues) In the Spotlight(Sun)
China Horizons(Wed)
China Beat(Sun)
About the News Broadcasting Dept
Team of News and Reports
Team of Features
Team of Technicians  


We provide you with the following programs on air:

People in the Know (Mon-Fri)
People in the Know takes on hot topics concerning domestic and international politics, economics and diplomacy. It publicizes the views of Chinese experts and the Chinese government, as well as foreign guests who include the leaders of national and international organizations.

Realtime China (Mon-Fri)
Realtime China is broadcast to North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia through World Radio Network. It's 30min news magazine taking a look at Chinese politics, society, economy and culture. For more information on Realtime China's schedule times on WRN, please log onto
News and Reports (Daily)
Working to bridge the gap of centuries by narrowing the differences day by day.

From China to the world, CRI English Service's leading news program, News and Reports, presents China news in an international language, and world reports from Chinese perspectives.

Broadcasting to Europe, North America, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and Africa, seven times a day, seven days a week, this half-hour show features news headlines on the hour, reports about major issues, regional coverage, press clippings, stocks and the weather.

No matter what happens or wherever it is, News and Reports will keep you informed and updated every day.

Frontline (Monday)
Every day, in every corner, a different person has a different story. In CRI's new daily feature Frontline, you'll hear the stories behind many controversial and sometimes diffucult to judge legal cases encountered by ordinary Chinese people. Want to know more about China's legal framework and its effects on a rapidly changing society ? Then tune in to our new Monday feature, Frontline, right here on CRI.
Biz China (Tuesday)
Biz China is CRI's answer to the growing demand for business and financial news in the Chinese market. This show applies its independent commentary to government policies, significant business developments and prominent business figures.
China Horizons (Wednesday)

The topics of China Horizons range from local news to topical reporting, from light-hearted stories to travel information. We explore the natural and historic beauty of this ancient country, and try to convey an impression of the diversified customs and cultures of China's 56 ethnicities.

Voices from Other Lands (Thursday)

Voices from Other Lands is a weekly dialogue programme featuring an interview with an interesting guest hailing from beyond China's borders. The show looks at China's ties with the rest of the world through a discussion with each guest speaker on the professions, hobbies or interests that have brought them to China.

Life in China (Friday)

Life in China provides a platform for average Chinese people to tell their tales, whether it's children recounting their homework, or farmers talking about their spare time. It tops our home page every Friday with a clear perspective on China and its people.

Listeners' Garden (Saturday)
Listeners' Garden is an ideal program for the weekend - relaxing, humorous, and informative, as we answer listener's questions about China, and maybe teach a few Chinese idioms. If you want to interact with CRI, Listeners' Garden is the perfect place.
China Roots (Saturday)
China Roots brings you traditional music from China. We hope to provide our listeners a clear musical route into the roots of Chinese musical culture. From the folk music of China's dominant Han ethnicity to that of China's varied ethnic minorities, from folk opera to ballads, join us every Saturday on China Roots.
In the Spotlight (Sunday)
CRI puts traditional and modern Chinese culture In the Spotlight for some expert analysis. Interpreting culture from an extremely inclusive perspective, we bring you the latest events and controversies in China, as we look at architecture, art, advertising and anything else that demands our interest.
China Beat (Sunday)
CRI brings you China Beat, a 45-minute weekly devoted to a broad spectrum of contemporary Chinese music. Each week we introduce one band, one singer, or one songwriter, not minding whether they are already famous or newly obscure, just as long as their repertoire can provide quality music for three quarters of an hour.
About the News Broadcasting Dept

To follow the latest events in China, to talk with people from all works of life, and update the world about China: be it hot issues or everyday life, political events or economic development. That is our job and we want to do it well.

The Broadcasting Department has an experienced team of broadcasters, editors, program producers, and technicians. Together, we put on programs such as Top hour news, CRI News and Reports, RealTime Beijing, and RealTime China.

In addition to our domestic service, the Broadcasting Department also feeds programs to our partner radio stations in foreign countries. So whether you live in China or overseas, you are welcome to contact us with any opinions, suggestions and criticism. Tell us what you want to hear from us and share your experiences of listening to our programs. We care about that!

About the Team of News and Reports
A young, vigorous, dedicated and hard-working team of producers, presenters and reporters.

Our producers are the "core" of the team and the masterminds behind the programs who work around the clock to put together bulletins. Selecting stories, sending out reporters for interviews and checking polished reports, they are responsible for each and every part of the show.

Presenters are the "face" of News and Reports and they present events from China and around the world. With a good fixture of Chinese and foreign staff members, the program features professional broadcasters from Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States.

The reporters are the "pioneers" of our programs who contribute timely and objective day-to-day coverage. Getting the best interviews, writing stories to deadline, voicing reports and making sound clips even minutes before the next bulletin goes on air, they are always trying their utmost to present the best to listeners at home and abroad.
About the Team of Features
Features , one of CRI's best services, and the one most valued by its listeners. The Features crew is a group of 10 elite Chinese and foreign broadcasters. They may be the oldest among CRI English Service's sea of mostly 20-something guys and gals, but few would disagree that in this case, oldest is a synonym for most experienced. Yes, they've been elevated to Features after years of hard work in different jobs, after proving their professionalism in research, interviewing, production and presentation.
About the Team of Technicians
When you are listening to programs on China Radio International, you may wonder who put them on air. We do!

We control everything in the studio from microphones, mixers to CD and MD players. Everything you hear from our radio or the website comes out of our hands, if not our mouths.

When you hear something beautiful, it is OUR work; when you hear something ear-hurting, it is also OUR fault. But as the youngest group here, we are passionate, energetic, and always ready to learn and improve.