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As a website for international broadcasting, has shouldered the task of extending CRI's broadcasting coverage area to wherever the internet can go. It provides four channels of online radio programs and a large variety of news, feature stories and service information.

Since its launch in 1998, it had undergone several major face-liftings with the aim of providing richer content and better service. It has now grown into a comprehensive source of multi-media information, including online audios, stories, and photos.

It has launched an online radio channel. Round the Clock provides 24-hour streaming language program including latest headline news and Chinese language classes to overseas listeners. Also available online are another three home channels broadcasting in Beijing, AM 846, FM 91.5 and FM 1008. And the Audio On Demand section gives listeners a chance to listen repeatedly to our programs and makes free transcripts online.

Besides the online radio, expands its information to better cover current affairs, culture, tourism, cities, education, and economy in China.

At present, there are 14 distinctive sub-site channels. Updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the News Channel provides easy access to a wide range of news and reports on any event doing on in China and the world with four channel branches. The Info Channel, Chinastic, aims to provide information services that are convenient for living in China, such as weather, transport, hotel, housing, dining, and recreation. The Culture Channel is dedicated mainly to introducing Chinese culture including arts, custom and lifestyle to the world. The Travel Channel guides online visitors to tour China's famous tourist attractions and provide travel information such as featured promotions, itinerary recommendation, destination guides, and travel tips to travelers from all over the world. The Entertainment Channel strives to give audiences the latest information, exclusive interviews and performances from the hottest musicians and movie stars. The Picture Channel presents various aspects and styles of China through photos about cities, sights, people and wildlife. The online language teaching channels, Learning Chinese and Learning English, will help you learn Chinese language and English easily and quickly. Also, the CRI Community is built for visitors to exchange their view online. The Easy FM channel, portal of Easy Fm, .

Just as its title indicates "Changes Are Inevitable (CRI)", is continuously adapting itself to provide visitors with best possible service. Your comments and suggestion are always welcome and of great help to us, so don't hesitate contact us through E-mail or our online message board.

Webcast Channel
Webcast is much more than a mere update of the previous Audio Channel you could only listen to CRI's English and music programs online. Now the news, reports and features are sorted out and categorized for your interests and convenience. And you can also find exclusive, first-hand and multimedia stories about what's hot in Chinese people's lives, with the special online column - Web Extra - for your Extra information.

CRI Webcast has also launched three individual websites providing localized around-the-clock online radio services in London, the United Kingdom, Sydney, Australia and Washington, the United States by July 2007. More such portals will be opened around the world in the near future to bring a real-time China right to your fingertips, no matter where you are.

To start a fantastic journey with us, click

Any questions and suggestions, please contact us at

News: China & World
Being one of the most important departments in, the Current Affairs Channel is composed of senior editors with vast work experience and an acute sense of news, as well as talented and promising young editors recruited from some of the most prestigious universities across China. Some professional journalists from the United States and the United Kingdom, and other nations whose mother tongue is English work in the Current Affairs Channel as language consultants.

Our editorial policy is to introduce what's happening in China and the world in an objective and balanced way and with a simple broadcasting style.

We are also committed to the provision of comprehensive and professional information services. Like most other professional news organizations, the Current Affairs Channel operates 24 hours a day to ensure that major news events with domestic and international impacts are constantly covered.

Keeping you updated about what's happening in China and the world 24 hours a day. -

Working to bridge the cultural gap.


The biz news channel was originally set up in 1998 as part of the general news channel. As business is a dynamic field that reflects economic changes in China, the Biz news editors have teamed up to contribute solely to business and economic information from the start of 2005. It covers daily macro economic policy news, finance, insurance, banks, stock markets, real estate, and many other areas. The team also produces features, audio news, and runs forums to give more insight into China's exciting world of business.

This is a small team. Only two young, smart and cute girls and two boys, but we've done a great job.

We bring you informative sports stories from China and around the world. We provide you with all the sports audios from China Radio International. We give you a closer look at your favorite sports stars.

When it comes to having fun with sport, nothing's impossible.

So log onto our website and enjoy the colorful world of sport.

On the pitch, on the court, on the track or at the pool: All the latest sports news is here, on the Sports Channel of CRI English.


Can you feel it? There's a palpable buzz in the air. China's changing, and if you haven't thought about what that means before, chew on this. China's changing on a scale and with a rapidity that is without parallel in human history - and this change draws excitement-seekers or just those with an innate curiosity like moths to a flame.

With local news translated directly from area morning papers; information on the hottest shopping and dining spots; help with choosing the "Big Two" that signify "making it" in China; and just plain, good 'ol answering questions you pose to us, we hope to give you a sense of being in China. We also have probably the largest message board on the Net of native Chinese posting in English.

So logon and get a feel for life in China.


For modern China, a large geography and long history mean multiple ethnicities and multi-culturalism. The Culture Channel at CRI has its work cut out to cover such a huge topic, but hopes to provide you with every essential of Chinese culture, whether it be ancient or modern, established or avant-garde. Culture News helps get you close to the latest cultural events in China. Online articles, with some audio support, are allocated according to theme into music, screen, stage, art, people, life and literature. We hope they can all provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.


China's first multi-media bilingual showbiz channel, the Entertainment Channel strives to give audiences the latest information, exclusive interviews and performances from the hottest musicians and movie stars. The brand-new Online Radio, with two online shows, 'Movie Boulevard' and 'Music Non-stop,' offers you chances to chat with shining stars along with CRI renowned hosts. Every minute we bring you a step closer to the pulse of hot, pop and new music and movie releases.

Click and join entertainment channel with our CRI DJs, anytime, anywhere£¡

We Are Sincerely Looking for Your Uploading Works!



Every week Travel Channel takes you on a breathtaking tour of some of the most fascinating tourist attractions in China. We offer the most useful tips and information whilst also providing listeners with the opportunity to share with us their own travel experiences and feelings. To do that just send us e-mail at Onboard our travel express and we will take you on a breathtaking tour to the most eye-catching tourist attractions in China. We offer the most useful tips and information whilst also providing listeners with the oppotunity to share with us their own travel experiences and feelings.

To do that just log on www. travel channel, your guide to fascinating China!



This channel covers the cutting edge technology, popular science and the latest events in science and technology.

Language Learning

Learn English:

Are you an English fan? Do you want to improve your English online? It's never been easier. Join us, the Language Studio from China Radio International, as well as many friends from around the world!

All you have to do is to log into CRI's Language Studio, a free and fun resource site that will help improve your English.

A hodgepodge of drag-and-drop flash quizzes, weekly recommended reads, horoscopes, online teaching programs, and more.

All these cool materials are right at your fingertip. Click and listen to Special English, Music English, and Movie English any time you want in our Language Studio.

Here you can also find a large community of language-learners to share your experience and stories of learning English, and interact with CRI language teaching staff.

CRI Language Studio, a great way to colorize your English!


Learn Chinese:

Is your tongue twisted? Are tones tricky? Are Chinese characters mission impossible to you? Not necessarily. Learning Chinese can be fun and easy. We provide foreigners a space to learn Chinese through news, jokes, games and culture.

Multilevel Chinese, your way of perfecting Chinese.


Online Community

A bilingual forum where you can join our discussion on a huge variety of topics and meet friends from all over the world. No matter whether you are a sport fan or a photography enthusiast, or you want to talk with CRI DJs, you can find what you want right here.

Also an English forum Talk China for you to discuss politics, life, sports and anything about China.

We love to hear your ideas, comments, and suggestions, so please do get in touch with us.

About Dept is part of ENGLISH WORLDWIDE at China Radio International. Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it aims to provide latest news updates, round-the-clock online radio and in-depth reports about China and the world on Internet.

This is a young and energetic group of more than 50 members dedicated to building one of China's most influential English news portals. News editors, reporters, web designers, developers and programmers work in perfect harmony as various small groups. Paralleling our website framework, the whole department is composed of three major sections: Newsroom and all the other channels, Listener Liaison Team, both supported by the Technical Group.