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We produce English Learning programs on 91.5FM and AM1008.Young or old, Chinese or foreign, there is a show for everyone.

Kids can tune into Happy Rainbow, Happy times to learn the best of American English at the elementary level. Or, check out Let's Talk in English, which is a first step for people learning English.

If you are beyond the elementary level, be sure to catch Studio Classroom, a medium-level program, or listen to Advanced English. And if you're becoming an English pro, tune in to Media English with Shari and Cam to learn English through the news.

If you are a music fan, don't miss Music English with Nancy and Chris. And if you are a movie buff, you won't want to miss Movie English with Louis where you can learn some outstanding movie lines.

If you want to test your listening comprehension, be sure to check out Special English. And if learning Chinese is a priority, you can listen to Chinese Studio or visit our website for courses specifically designed for you.

And as always, we offer forums where you can meet other language learners.


About the Team of CRI Classes
We produce English Learning programs on AM1008, the English Learning channel, as well as FM91.5. We have the smiling face of Nancy, the charming voice of Louis, the lively partnership of Cam and Shari, and lots of loyal listeners...... We also do programs teaching Chinese to foreigners.

This is where we help listeners learn languages and have fun.