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About Easy FM
Our DJs & Hosts
About Easy FM
CRI's domestic service has been playing international music for China since the inception of Easy FM in 1989. Easy FM hit the airwaves on 91.5 FM in Beijing and listeners were instantly attracted. It aired daily with Western DJs covering most of the day's programs with pop music and talk.

In the following years, Easy FM has developed a unique format of Chinese-English bilingual programs. It was as if the boldness of western coffee and the strength of Chinese tea were being mixed together to create one intoxicating and sweet experience! Now the innovative bilingual style of broadcasting has already become a distinct feature of Easy FM with which no other Chinese radio station can compare. With their informative and interesting talks that constantly switch smoothly between languages, hosts of distinct personalities from different cultures give the listeners an enjoyable experience of both Chinese and Western flavours.

Easy FM attracts a large domestic audience with some of the world's best pop music, while CRI English Service has established itself as a prominent news broadcaster from China for listeners around the world. Easy FM is the first Chinese radio channel focusing on western pop music. Foreign DJs match up perfectly with their Chinese colleagues to present bilingual programs that are unique in China.

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Our DJs & Hosts
Felix Yu Zhou Jade Gracie
Raymond Ron Nancy Xiaohua
Trevor Youdai Louis Yajie
Rich Mark Maddy