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• Mainland to Present Another Pair of Pandas to Hong Kong    • AL Chief Sees Palestinian Infighting as "Major Disaster"    • Dow and Nasdaq Up, S&P Off    • U.S. Deploy Forces Near Somalia to Block Rebels' Escape    • U.S. Aims to Stop Islamic Extremists Fleeing Somalia    


Special Coverage
Recently, a soup served in KFC, the Tianluxiang or Sweet Leaf Bush soup, has been baned in many Chinese cities. Concerns about fast food being hazardous to people's health have once again been raised. Chinastic has prepared this special coverage on the issue, hoping to shed some light for you on the whole "Fast-food" matter.
What comes to mind when you think of Beijing? The grand Forbidden City or the Summer Palace? Or are the bars of Houhai and the shops of Wangfujing more your style? Maybe you know a part of Beijing that no one else has discovered! Share YOUR Beijing in the essay competition "Beijing Through My Eyes".
Happy Moon Festival! Chinastic has prepared a special gift for you: listen to our interesting chats with foreigners and locals about the festival; tune into our traditional melodies specialy programmed for the day, and what else you want to know about the special day!
Chinastic recently visited one of China's first NGOs, Stars and Rain--a school for autistic children and their families. In our Special Coverage, we highlight the issue of autism in China and the incredible story behind this independent organization.
The Second Beijing Wedding Show is held from August 12th to 14th, at Beijing Exhibition Center. Seven events are staged during the show, including a lecture on how to maintain a happy family, a bridal makeup show, a wedding photo show, and a wedding plan contest.
China is producing its own group of online celebrities, who are becoming famous either by writing about their sexual experiences or posting their pictures on BBS and blogs.
The Beijing edition of the Get It Louder Exhibition begins June 11. The exhibition is a visual noise made by young artists and designers around the globe.
The 2nd DIAF has invited many artists from many different backgrounds and nationalities to serve the purpose of staging a lively dialogue between citizens and contemporary culture through a wide range of events.
The Chinese auto industry is entering a further important phase of development in 2005.
She can't remember how long it's been since she said "farewell" to good sleeps. Maybe it was when she had a quarrel with her boyfriend, her "enemy" came to her office, or that day... Click here to read an office lady's story.
How to Rent a Bicycle in Beijing
Bicycling down one of Beijing's hutongs is a magical experience. Where to rent a bike?
Better Skin on the Cheap
Actually, there's a lot you can do to improve your skin that doesn't require money.
Feature Stories
Book Review
Listen to CRI's Su Xiaowei talks about "The Poisonwood Bible" with her friend.
Guang Gao

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