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A Toy Hospital in Beijing
2006-05-23 14:12:35
Now you no longer have to throw away your once beloved but broken toys. A toy hospital has opened in Beijing to provide repair services for all kinds of toys.
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Located in downtown Beijing's Xiao Xitian Area, the Toy Hospital is such a tiny store that just two people will make it seem very crowded. "Doctor in chief" Sun Zhongyu runs the shop with girlfriend and owner Liu Yue, who came up with the idea of opening the small store.

Sun Zhongyu has studied computer repair and is knowledgeable about fixing many different electronic gadgets. But there is already fierce competition to repair these gadgets. In contrast, few people providing any kind of toy repair service. One day Liu Yue had the idea - why not open a toy repair shop?

"Very few people will go into toy repair as a profession. But many people are actually in need of this service. Many customers come to us with their broken toys. We always try our best to repair them even though the business can hardly make any real money."
It's true that it is very difficulty to make money repairing toys. The toy hospital has been operating at a loss since first opening just two months ago. Sun Zhongyu says this is because most toys these days are not very expensive. So repair fees are also fairly low. They usually charge only 20 to 30 yuan to repair an electric toy. And Sun says toy repair can sometimes be a very demanding job. 

"I can't promise I can repair all kinds of toys. But I would like to try repairing them all. Some customers have come here, only half-confident that their toys can be repaired. But I’m a hundred percent devoted to repairing them."

Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to simply find a part for a broken toy. Aside from all the work and lack of profit, compliments from many of their kid customers have brought them boundless satisfaction and encouragement.

"We often receive phone calls from parents telling us their children are very happy that their toys were made to be like new again. It always makes us feel very happy too."

To many people, old toys are part of their childhood memories and mean quite a lot. When they find out there is place to repair their old toys, I think they will be very happy.

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