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Let the Wedding Ceremony Explains
2006-05-22 16:12:48
Girls usually like to ask their lovers one special question over and over again -"Do you really love me?". On May 20th, a girl nicknamed "Renzai" got a prefect answer from her husband, in a fairy tale wedding ceremony.


3 years ago, "Renzai" met her husband "Kaka" on the Internet. The two young people fell in love with each other and finally decided to get married. Kaka has long wanted to give his wife a romantic wedding ceremony to let her know his true feelings.
With the motivation of love behind him, Kaka designed a special wedding ceremony modeled after the famous fairy tale "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs".
In the ceremony, Renzai was escorted to Kaka's side by her father along with seven children, dressed as the seven dwarfs, clustering all around her. Holding the bride's hands, Kaka then read his vows aloud.

Kaka says that most of the details of the wedding were unknown to Renzai before the ceremony. It's no wonder she was moved to tears by her husband's incredibly romantic gesture.

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