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Red Wine Plus Cheese Diet Recipe
2006-04-05 14:06:56
 (Audio available for download)

v Seven Anti-Aging Miracle Foods
Losing weight has become a lifelong passion for many girls - no matter if they're really overweight or just are in an imaginary state of plumpness. Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer, the battle of the bulge has reached a climax for many women. So now China Drive would like to introduce a fresh diet recipe for those of you who are worried about fitting into those stylishly slender trousers or fashionable short skirts in this spring season.

Many women in Taiwan have become obsessed with a diet -- a fairly easy to make diet actually -- whose only requirement is red wine and cheese. You don't even have to limit your three daily meals. All you have to do is drink a cup of red wine, preferably about 100 milliliters, and one or two slices of cheese a half an hour before bedtime. It's reported that one can lose a maximum of 7 kilograms in only three weeks!

The recipe is based on research that claims regular daily intake of calcium has an effect on weight loss. So calcium-rich cheese has now become the focus for many diet conscious people. Though cheese is high in calories, the fermented protein can accelerate the human body's metabolism, and in this way helps to burn fat.

As for red wine, it contains Tyrosine and alcohol, and has the same effect - enhancing a person's metabolism as it slows down during the night. And it can also help those who have problems sleeping.

Doctors also suggest people be cautious in their cheese selection however. There are many different types of cheeses available in stores, and it's better to choose naturally fermented ones that are "high fat", "high calcium" and "low sugar" rather than processed cheeses with flavors like strawberry, lemon or other additives.

For a cheese to be "qualified as diet cheese" it should contain less than five grams of sugar and more than 25 grams of fat per 100 grams. The recipe is supposedly particularly effective in trimming down the waist and butt. Of course you need to make sure you're not allergic to wine before trying this interesting new diet plan.

Well, and also this is like the least painful way to lose weight that any other kind of losing weight methods. It actually sounds enjoyable! Of course, we hope this simple recipe can help everyone enjoy the coming summer to the fullest, the thinnest, and the healthiest!

China Drive is one of CRI's radio programs aired from Monday to Friday. Chinastic picks the most interesting life reports from China Drive. Stay tuned.
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