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Artist Creates Art with Autistic Kids
2005-11-27 16:17:49
As one of the artists participating the Commonplace project – which is aimed at raising awareness of autism - Liao Bangming has discovered a new way to get fresh inspiration for his work.

Liao Bangming asked 6 children from Stars & Rain, the Beijing home for autistic children, to help him finish an artwork at the opening reception for the Commonplace exhibition. He gave each child a pencil and let them draw whatever they liked on a piece of white canvas.

The children were all excited at the chance to attend this unique activity. They flipped from one side of the canvas to the other, as they drew with their pencils. Some of them even left their footprints on the painting. When their parents asked Liao if the footprints would mess up the work, Liao said it was ok, just let the kids do whatever they like.

The finished work embodies Liao Bangming's exploration of the relationship between autistic children and art. The artist says he hasn't yet thought of the right title for the work.   

What Liao Bangming gave young Bi Changxu was more than a pencil

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