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Artist: Qing Qing
2005-11-22 15:51:51
Click here for Chinese Introduction of Qing Qing

Qing Qing
Born in Beijing, 1953.
1972-80 Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing.
1980-86 English/German Literature studies, Beijing and Vienna.
1994 Started working with installation art, began career as professional artist.

Solo Exhibitions
2004 Qing Qing installation exhibition, Tokou Gallery, Japan
         "Nature-Substance Substance-Nature-Thing In Boxes",Qing Qing Installations
         2000-2004, Red Gate Gallery
         Qing Qing installation exhibition, Today Gallery
         Solo exhibition of mixed media, Chinese Contemporary, London
         Solo exhibition of mixed media, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2002 Solo exhibition of hemp material, Chinese Contemporary, London
         Qing Qing Chen Mixed Media Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
         "Nomad of the soul", AAL-Gallery Karl Strobe, Vienna
         "City Light", Gallery Wort und Bild, Vienna
         "City Light-Wish-Want-Desire",Beijing
2000 Qing Qing Chen Light installation Art, Afro-Asiatische Institut,Vienna
1998-99 Installation work "Home", Modern Art Museum,Vienna
1997 Qing Qing Chen "Head Sculpture", Studio Fortschnitt, Vienna
1995-96 Qing Qing Chen Sculpture Exhibition, Century Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibitions
2005 "Democratic Forever", Plum Blossom Gallery, New York
         "Loft of Language", eight female artists in China, Gallery 3/4, Beijing
2004 "La France Mandariue", Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris
         "Only The Cat Knows", works by Chen Qingqing and Yuan Yaomin, LA Gallery, Beijing
         "Dream, Perplexity, Modern Female Identification", feminist art exhibition, China Women's Activity Center, Beijing
         "SHE-Ten", female artists group exhibition, China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing
         "Qingqing Intallation Exhibition", Today Gallery, Beijing
         "Women Telling Men's Stories", Chongqing, Sichuan
         "From Lausanne to Beijing", 2002 International Tapestry Art Biennale, Tsinghua University, Beijing
2003 "30 years with a future", Millenium Art Museum, Beijing
         "Golden Harvest" Chinese Contemporary Art, Zagreb
         China Art Exposition 2002, Beijing
         "East Asian Women and Herstories", Seoul
         "Hot Pot" Chinese Contemporary Art, the Netherlands
         Phenomenon Art Exhibition, Wuhan, China
         "Documentation of Chinese Avant-Garde Arrt in 90s", Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
2002 Hannover "Expo", Hannover
         "Semi Transparent" double exhibition, Shanghai
         "Womanifesto II", Second internatonal Woman's Art Exchange, Saranrom Park, Bangkok
2000 Forest Textile Installation Festival, Austria (Second Prize Award)
1999 "VOVRE Life", Gallery Wan Fung, Beijing
1998 "Intuition, Experience", concept installation, Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1996 "Point and Line Calligraphy", installation-joint show, Gallery Atrium ed Art, Vienna

"Cry After 9.11", Beijing, Jieziyan Air Revolution, International Art Performance Conference 5, Bangkok
"Art Circle", Shanghai, Yuan Gong Art Gallery
"Clone", Chinese Contemporary, London
"Culture Fish", Vienna
"Ambiguousness", Summer 1999, Beijing
"Born to be a Woman", Second International Woman's Art Exchange, Bangkok

England, France, Austria, Germany, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and China

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