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Artist: Shen Jingdong
2005-11-21 19:09:49

Shen Jingdong
Born in Nanjing, 1965.
1984 Graduated from Nanjing Xiaozhuang Teaching Education School, Fine Arts department.
1991 Graduated from Nanjing Art College, Printmaking department.
1991 Conscripted to Chinese military, joining Military Drama Troupe.
1991-present Active in stage/theatre arts.

Selected Exhibitions
2005 "Works from Five Artists", Red Gate Gallery, Beijing;
         "Looking Ahead in Step", works from four soldiers, Pickled Art Center, Beijing;
         International Gallery Exposition, China World Trade Center, Beijing;
         "3N Works", Imagine Gallery, Beijing;
2004 "U.N. Art for World Peace" exhibitiion, Korea;
         "8 Minus 1", Contemporary oil paintings, 88 Art Archives, Beijing;
         "An Huaizhi & Shen Jingdong New Works", Pickled Art Center, Beijing;
         "Jiangsu Paintings and Prints", 30th Anniversary exhibition, Rich Content Yard, Nanjing;
2003 "One Hundred Artists Telling Their Stories by Themselves", Ban Po Bar, Nanjing;
         "Unequally Alike", Chinese Siluowenliya Artist Dialogue Exhibition;
         "Word Immortal", China-Belgium Exchange, Xiamen-Europe Culture & Communication Center;
         "China Today", Milennium Modern Art Museum, Beijing;
         "Do you know it well?", modern oils exhibition, Shenghua Art Center, Nanjing;
         "Measuring the Distance between Pupils", Shenzhen;
         "Shadow", Kunming Art Archives, Kunming;
2002 "Daydream", Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation, Nanjing Rich Content Yard;
         "Flat Open Roof", Third International Performance Art Festival, Xi'an;
         "Bask", Nanjing;
2001 "N Layers of Identity", Nanjing Navy Command College;
         "One Hundred Artists' Faces", conceptual photography exhibition, Orange Gallery, Nanjing;
         "Chinese Blue Print-360C", Haishangshan Art Museum, Shanghai; 
         Asian and Pacific Art Biennial, Italy;
2000 Italian Image and Culture exhibition, Italy
         "Yaxiya 2000 Years of World Peace", Nanjing Museum;
         "Ink, Ink, Ink", Liuhaisu Museum, Shanghai;
         "Part Beat", conceptual photography exhibition, Daguangming market, Nanjing;
         "Flat Line Sea", conceptual photography exhibition;
1999 "100 Years, 100 People, 100 Family Names", Nanjing Teaching Education University Art College, Shanghai Yibotang;
         "Line of Sight III", Huadong Teaching Education University Museum, Shanghai;
         "Circumstance and the Art of Today", Shanghai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai;
1997 "Line of Sight II", Jiangsu Art Museum, Shanghai;
         Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Hong Kong;
1996 "Line of Sight", Inaugural exhibition, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing;
1995 "Jiangsu Paintings and Prints", 20th Anniversary exhibition, Rich Content Yard, Nanjing;
         "Era of '95-Breakthrough", Nanjing Art College Exhibition Hall, Nanjing;
1994 "New Face", Nanjing Art College Exhibition Hall, Nanjing.

Honours & Awards
2004 U.N. Art for World Peace, Award of Excellency, Korea;
2004 Artist-in-resident, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing.

Name of the work: People's Liberation Army

[1]  [2]

1965 生于南京;
1984 毕业于南京晓庄师范学校美术班;
1991 毕业于南京艺术学院美术系版画专业;
1991 分配到南京军区前线话剧团从事舞台美术工作至今。

2005 红门画廊五人展,北京;
         向前看 齐步走 当代四军人作品展,北京酱艺术中心;
2004 “8减1”当代油画展,北京88艺术文件仓库;
         安怀之 沈敬东作品展,北京酱艺术中心;
2003 “一百个艺术家讲自己的故事”,南京半坡酒吧;
2002 “白日梦”中国当代艺术邀请展,南京博物院;
2001 “N重身份”展,南京海军指挥学院;
2000 意志图文展,意大利;
1997 《边缘视线》第二回展,北京当代美术馆;
1996 《边缘视线》第一回展,南京江苏美术馆;
1995 《江苏画刊》创刊二十周年纪念展,南京博物院;
1994 《新面孔》艺术作品展,南京艺术学院展厅。

2004 联合国世界和平艺术作品展,韩国,获优秀作品奖;
2004 做为红门画廊的第一位访问艺术家在北京工作一个月。

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