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The commonplance project, which aims to help the autistic children in the Stars & Rain Education Institution, has ended in Beijing.
Commonplace Ends
The Commonplace exhibition and auction finally concluded last weekend, generating over 10,000 yuan for the Stars & Rain Education Institute for Autism.
Charity Activity Starts to Help Autistic Kids
A charitable project, masterminded by two young women, with the contribution of a group of artists, has begun in Beijing.
About the Project
v Commonplace
Although it afflicts thousands of children all over China, autism is a relatively unknown disorder, not even diagnosable by most doctors.
About Curators
Elaine Ho is a first-generation born Chinese-American who grew up in Texas, the daughter of Hong Kong Chinese family.
Cui Kaixuan was born in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, and wants to help struggling artists to develop and create.
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