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Disposable tableware is a serious health hazard, experts warned yesterday, after half of such products were found to be made of unsafe material.
• Half China Fast-food Containers Health Hazard: Paper
Half the disposable fast-food containers, bowls and spoons used in China are hazardous to health, the China Daily said on Thursday, quoting the results of a nationwide investigation.
• KFC Food in the Soup Again
Tianluxiang, which translates as Sweet Leaf Bush, or Sauropus androgynus, in the KFC soup is toxic and could be harmful if eaten in large quantities or regularly over a long period.
Always Stay Fit
v How We've Been Exercising?
Wanna keep fit and lose some weight? Let's get to know what other people are doing to achieve this goal.
v Yoga: Not Merely a Vogue
Initially as one of the six fundamental systems of Indian thought, Yoga has become something of a cult exercise in America in the past few decades. Recently it is making its way in China especially in the major cities.
v KFC in Soup in China Over 'Poisonous' Soup
v KFC Drive-Thru Slow to Catch on
v KFC Soup Sale Suspended
v PVC Wrap Contains Harmful Chemical, New Regulations Urged by Public
v PVC Wrap Contains Harmful Chemical
v Compulsory Test Mulled for PVC Food Wrapper
v China Bans Harmful Plastic Wrappers
v Some PVC Cling Film Contains Banned Material
v Compulsory Test Mulled for PVC Food Wrapper
v KFC Opens 1,500th Outlet on Mainland
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