2013-07-23 Trayvon Martin Murder Trial
    2013-07-23 14:20:54     CRIENGLISH.com       Web Editor: Wuyou
Panel discussion:
To the many of us non-Americans living outside of the US, it's sometimes hard to fathom that race is still one of the most toxic social issues there. For every Barack Obama or Jay Z, or Beyonce and Kobe Bryant, those of us looking in from the outside might think that these people represent American society today and that black Americans have broken through the barriers in a post-racial society.
-Charles H. Rose III, Professor in Trial Advocacy at Stetson University College of Law
-Katrina Bell McDonald, Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University and Associate at the Center for Africana Studies


Global Talks:
Today we are debating the European Union have listed the armed wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist group after years of lobbying by the US. 500 inmates- many of whom Al Qaeda members- have escaped after gunmen stormed two jails near Baghdad on Monday; the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships both play down prospects of peace talks resuming anytime soon and much much more.