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Tranquil Tuesdays tea and teaware [Photo:www.Tranquil]

Tranquil Tuesdays tea and teaware [Photo:www.Tranquil]

Charlene Portrait [Photo:www.Tranquil]

China's tea culture dates back to more than 2000 years. To some Chinese, tea is an integral part of everyday life that they simply cannot do without. And some people are trying to introduce Chinese teas and its tea culture to the enjoyment of a wider world.

Simone Cote recently spoke with Charlene Wang who's the founder of Tranquil Tuesdays tea company, to learn how they're making tea unique and introducing it to the rest of the world.


Tranquil Tuesdays specializes in Chinese teas and tea ware.

Founder of the company and tea expert and enthusiast Charlene Wang says she's been very interested in teas since she was a little girl.

After working and traveling internationally, Charlene ended up working in China and having more time to explore her interests and love for tea.

"When you're in China, it's a very ideal place to dive deep into teas if you're interested, so I started learning more and I really realized that so much of China' highest quality teas are not really accessible outside of China or they're just hard for people who don't have more contacts in understanding some contacts to decipher like you can walk into a tea shop and have l80 different types of tea. So after that experience, and learning more about Chinese teas and kind of looking at the world wide tea market, I realized it was kind of strange that no one was really presenting and showcasing Chinese teas to an international audience outside of China and making them accessible.

Charlene says that Tranquil Tuesdays has many different elements to it that make the company unique and different from other tea companies here:

"I think we are pretty uniquely committed to three things that I haven't really seen in other tea purveyors in China. I think what's the coolest things about Chinese tea is that its still very regional, so if you go to Anhui where they mostly drink green tea, people are not drinking Pu'er there. Most tea companies specialize in like one type or like from one region, so we're one of these people who have, one of the few companies that has the whole breadth of what Chinese teas. Also, we're really focused on quality and small family farms. So as you know in China, the sort of ethic of most production is quantity, quantity over everything, but of course you often when you're growing a natural product, when you focus on quantity, you're going to sacrifice quality, so we really wanted to find growers that were really committed to quality.

Tranquil Tuesdays spends time and research on selecting teas based on the historical region of production:

"Similar to wine, the tareuayar which is like the environment, the soil, the climate, that the tea is grown, is very important, because it's really, that's one of the main factors that each tea some unique flavors and affects the taste and how its grown. And so there are companies, I know that you could, because all tea is from the same plant, broadly speaking, because you could make a bunch of teas in some pot somewhere as long as it grows right, you can make a white, green, and black as longs as it grows all in one big factory if you wanted to, but we only get white tea from Fuding Fujian, which is the historical origin of white tea."

Tranquil Tuesdays works to introduce Chinese tea to international audiences so that they can have more knowledge about the array of different types of tea here in China.

In addition to selling tea and teaware, Tranquil Tuesdays is a social enterprise that helps improve the lives of rural woman in China:

"My idea was to have a business, so we have a tea business and use it as a platform to train and employ disadvantaged women and give them the training and employment so that they could do whatever they want to do. Most of the women we work with so far are urban migrants from rural areas."

While Tranquil Tuesdays is still in it beginning years, Charlene says she has a lot of big plans and goals for the company:

"We'd really like to expand our presence, we're in a couple of stores, in America, we've had a lot of interest from people in Europe and the Middle east, so continue to grow in that way. We'd love to build a bigger team here in Beijing that we're working with, so more women that we can work with, and to me the ultimate goal or dream would be if we could have a full resource center."

And so the company continues infuse their teas with tranquility and introduce unique Chinese tea flavors all over the globe.

For CRI, this is Simone Cote.


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