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CRI Hourly News (updated at 08:00 2010/12/18)
    2010-12-18 08:42:16     CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Liao

China, Pakistani PMs hold talks to cement strategic cooperative partnership

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani has held talks in Islamabad to deepen their countries' bilateral strategic cooperative partnership and cooperation in various fields.
Wen Jiabao said that to enhance bilateral friendly ties not only meets the fundamental interests of both countries but also contributes to peace and stability in Asia and the world.
During Wen's three-day stay in Islamabad, he is scheduled to meet Pakistani leaders and representatives who have contributed to bilateral friendship.
He will also address a joint session of Pakistan's parliament and inaugurate the China-Pakistan Friendship Center, which was set up to facilitate exchanges among students, media and academic circles.

China responds to Japan's new defense guidelines, saying it poses no threat to anybody

China has responded to Japan's new defense guidelines, saying it has no intention of threatening anybody.
According to media reports, Japan's new National Defence Programme Guidelines claimed China's military development and lack of transparency were matters of concern to the region and international community.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said China unswervingly follows the path of peaceful development, and its defense policy is defensive in nature, adding that China poses no threat to anybody.

China urges peaceful resolvement of tensions in Korean Peninsula

China again strongly urges all parties concerned to responsibly start negotiations and solve the problems in Korean Peninsula through peaceful means.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu on Saturday called on all parties to make constructive efforts to reduce the tensions.

Rescuers search for 13 missing fishermen in S. China sea

Rescuers are searching for 13 fishermen who were abroad a fishing boat that went missing Wednesday off China's southern island province of Hainan.
A search and rescue team was dispatched to the vicinity where the vessel was last contacted, about 100 nautical miles west of the shore.
However, it would take the rescue vessel about 10 hours to get at the location due to strong gales.
Separately, a Vietnamese-registered cargo vessel capsized and sank in strong gales about 110 nautical miles west of Sanya city in Hainan.
Two Vietnamese sailors were rescued but 25 others are still missing.

Senior Chinese leader urges talent cultivation for international communication

A senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has called for the country's educational institutions to strengthen cultivation of international communication capabilities.
Li Changchun made the remarks while visiting the Beijing-based Communication University of China.
He said to build a talent pool for China's international communication undertakings would be crucial to raising the soft power of the Chinese culture.
He also urged the students to master foreign languages and to maintain professional ethics in their future work.

Chinese vice premier stresses family planning

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang has urged family planning workers to make more contributions to the long-term balance of the country's population to pave the way for economic and social development.
Li Keqiang made the remarks after meeting with representatives from the China Family Planning Association in Beijing.
He noted that China's population was experiencing continuous increasing and aging, and limited resources and environments were holding back the country's development more than ever.
The vice premier urged family planning workers to pay more attention to the population's quality, structure and distribution, and boost the country's reproductive health in order to transform population pressures into human resources.

U.S. drone strikes kill 21 in NW Pakistan

U.S. drone aircraft have fired missiles into Pakistan's Khyber tribal region and killed at least 21 people, including two commanders of a militant group.
Local TV reports say the people were killed in two strikes on a safe haven of militants in Tirah valley.
This is the third U.S. drone strike in two days in the Khyber area, one of the seven districts of Pakistan's volatile tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Interpol warned of 'al-Qaeda plots' in US and Europe

The global police agency Interpol has confirmed it has received information about possible attacks by al-Qaeda cells in the US and Europe.
Interpol's office in Baghdad has received information about the alleged threats.
Iraqi Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani earlier told the Associated Press that militants had confessed suicide attacks were planned for the Christmas period.
He said the suicide bombing in the Swedish capital Stockholm last weekend was one of the alleged plots revealed.

Volcano erupts in Russian Far East, massive eruption feared

Scientists have raised the hazard level in the Russian Far East for a possible massive eruption of a volcano.
Mount Kizimen, located in the Kamchatka Peninsula, has spewed ashes as high as 10 km into the sky. The snow on the slope is thawing quickly.
The volcano has remained dormant for 80 years.
The Kamchatka Peninsula has a high density of volcanoes, flanked by large volcanic belts containing about 160 volcanoes, with 29 of them still active.

Russian manned spaceship docks with ISS

A Russian Soyuz spaceship with three astronauts on board has docked with the International Space Station (ISS) successfully.
The Mission Control center says
After the pressure tests to the docking module, the astronauts will open the hatches and go into the ISS.
The three astronauts were expected to stay at the space outpost for nearly six months, joining the 3 exist crew who have been working at the ISS since October.

Top 10 Chinese Tourist Cities Unveiled

Harbin, Hangzhou, and Jinan have been named among the top 10 Chinese tourist cities by global netizens.
The other cities on the list are Huangshan, Kashgar, Lijiang, Luoyang, Sanya, Suzhou and Xi'an.
The 10 cities were selected by people who visited China Radio International's websites.
An awards ceremony will be held in Beijing on December 28th.
On the same day, CRI will launch its multilingual platform, promoting Chinese tourism resources through the Internet and radio in 61 different languages.



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